Beauty School: 5 Foundation Mistakes You're Making That May Cause Acne

Beauty School: 5 Foundation Mistakes You're Making That May Cause Acne

What's the first thing you do when you spot a zit? You cover it up with foundation or concealer, right? Don't do that the next time. Along with dirt, makeup residue and hormonal imbalances, your foundation product could also be responsible for causing breakouts. To keep the acne at bay, you've got stop making these foundation mistakes from now on. 

5 Foundation Mistakes You're Making That May Cause Acne

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Using A Foundation That's Passed It's Shelf-Life

Disheartening but true, the best of the best makeup products don't last forever. Every beauty product available in the market today comes with an expiry date. Although the expiry dates differ from product to product, foundations usually last for about 12-18 months. Change of colour, texture and fragrance, are proofs that a foundation has gone bad. Using an expired foundation product is bound to cause infections and breakouts. 


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You Don't Use A Primer


Apart from the fact that primers help the foundation to stay longer on the skin, they also act as a barrier between your skin and the foundation. Sometimes, foundations contain fragrances, parabens, BHA, BHT, SLS, lead and ethanolamines - which are toxic for the skin. The primer prevents your skin from absorbing any of those dangerous ingredients. 

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You Use Dirty Fingers To Apply Your Foundation

There are many ways to apply liquid foundation - brushes, makeup sponges and your fingers! Many women use their fingers to apply the foundation simply because it gives them a more natural skin-like finish. However, using dirty fingers to apply the foundation is a big no-no. You may not be able to see it with the naked eye, but dirty fingers are breeding grounds for bacteria. Hence, it's always safer to sanitise and wash your hands before makeup application. 


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You Never Wash Your Makeup Tools


Keeping makeup brushes squeaky clean all the time requires time, patience and effort. A woman having a busy schedule finds it hard to be consistent. However, it's a must! Unwashed makeup brushes are loaded with oil, makeup residue, dirt and dead skin cells. Pressing a dirty makeup brush into your pores will surely cause your skin to breakout. Make the effort to wash your brushes once every two weeks. 


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You Apply Too Much Powder Over The Foundation

Ladies with oily skin, this one is for you! We know that powders help to set the base and keep the shine away. However, applying too much of powder can make your base look cakey and the product can clog your pores ultimately leading to acne. Instead of using loose powder, stick with a mattifying setting spray or translucent powder instead. They won't feel too heavy on the skin. 


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If you avoid these five foundation mistakes, you will save your skin from breaking out in the future for sure. 

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