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Damn It, Again? 10 Deeply Frustrating Fashion Struggles Every Girl Will Relate To

Damn It, Again? 10 Deeply Frustrating Fashion Struggles Every Girl Will Relate To

Fashion also brings a plethora of troubles no one really asks for and if we are discussing women's clothing, 'the more, the merrier' seems to be the underlying theme. From zippers and outfits not best suited for windy days to labels that still don't have sizes for everyone, every girl and woman who loves fashion has faced these deeply annoying issues sometime or the other. 

Fashion Problems Every Girl Faces

Without further ado, here's taking a look at some of the frustrating problems every fashion enthusiast will relate to. 

Struggling With A Lack Of Pockets

Outfits with no pockets- fashion problems every girl faces

What's with women's clothing and pockets (or should we say lack of)? From dresses and skirts to lehengas and kurtas, the struggle of keeping phones, wallets and keys away is real, thanks to retailers who forget to add pockets to all things womenswear. Surely we shouldn't have to carry handbags all the time, just because, well, no pockets?


Long Shrug with Flap Pockets

INR 800 AT Ajio

Or Those Fake Pockets!

False pockets- fashion problems every girl faces

If anything is worse than no pockets, it's those fake ones and every girl will have struggled with them at least once in her life. Can we have a petition to simply not have the tokenistic utility element ASAP? It's helping no one. 

Going To The Loo When Wearing A Jumpsuit

annoying fashion problems every girl faces

We sure love dressing up the nines in jumpsuits and rompers but hey, that doesn't stop the struggle to go to the loo when wearing the outfit! Zippers, laces, straps and just the whole process of wearing it all over again is definitely a fashion problem women have faced. 

Trying To Squeeze A Tee Over The Head

 fashion problems every girl faces

Not just tees; pullovers, sweatshirts and anything that used to fit last season but has decided not to, over a span of time. No matter how hard you try, getting that seemingly small neck over your head is a fight and then, of course, getting it off too!

The Lack Of Inclusive Sizes

sizes for everyone- fashion problems every girl faces

Fashion may have progressed with the times but there is still a dearth of all-inclusive sizes for some of us, and anyone who has returned empty-handed from their favourite label will relate. It's high time brands learnt that sizes go beyond XS, S and M. 

Trying On Jeans In The Fitting Room

trying out jeans

Oh my god, this is a real horror show. Not that any fashion aficionado would have to imagine this, considering all of us have faced the trouble of trying on the denim and other bottoms in the tricky trial rooms. Taking off the footwear, trying on your pick only to find that you should have gone for another size is not a fun place to be in, especially in the trial room you queued up hours for. 


Ripped Mom Jeans

INR 1,490 AT  Zara

Managing A Skirt On A Windy Day

skirt on a windy day- fashion problems every girl faces

That iconic picture of Marilyn Monroe looks great, no doubt, but not when it's happening to you out of the blue on a windy day, one when you decided to wear a skirt or dress no less! Not just us, every girl relates to the heavy work involved during that one day of unforeseen weather crisis. 

Dealing With Makeup That Smudges

smudged makeup

Be it a lipstick or that mascara and kajal you were swiping without a care in a world, nothing could be worse than facing a makeup smudge just when you thought you were done getting ready or worse, when outdoors already. Our suggestion? Invest in reliable products that save you the hassle. 


Twist It Mascara

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Fixing The Zipper When No One's Around To Help

fixing the zipper- fashion problems every girl faces

Help, anyone? If you have struggled to pull up that zipper on the dress, all on our own, know that you are not alone. We are all sailing in the same boat!

Ordering Online That Doesn't Meet Expectations

fashion problems every girl faces

Goes without saying that this fashion problem girls face kinda takes the cake. From size differences to something completely different in terms of colour and design on your desktop vs in your hands, online deliveries have left us all surprised shocked from time to time. 

Here's hoping that these IRL fashion problems simply go away, because life has enough troubles anyway!

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