7 Fascinating Facts About The Penis That'll Make You Go, 'Whattttt!'

7 Fascinating Facts About The Penis That'll Make You Go, 'Whattttt!'

Ladies, we're sure you know what a penis looks and feels like but how much do you actually know about this male organ? Just like a vagina, the penis too has its sensitive spots and lesser know facts that'll make you go, 'Whaatttt??' 

Besides giving us all the pleasure in the bed, here is a list of a few fascinating facts that we bet you didn't know about your partner's penis. 

Fascinating Facts About The Penis

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The head of the penis is the most sensitive


Most men rate the underside of the shaft or the head of the penis to be the most sensitive area for sexual pleasure. Which for a matter of fact, is true. So ladies, now you know exactly where to go the next time you're both ready to get down and dirty. 

A penis can still break

Despite not having a muscle or a bone, men can break their penis during sex. If there is too much pressure on the penis during intercourse, the blood vessels inside can rupture which will lead to swelling, just like it does on our hands or feet. Immediate medical aid is recommended in such a case. 

Foot/palm size is NOT equal to the size of the penis

According to popular belief, men with a bigger foot size or big palms are most likely to have a bigger package. There is no scientific proof for this statement yet.

Largest penis in the world...


The largest natural penis in the world was recorded to be of a man called Roberto Esqville from Mexico. He boasts of a penis as long as 18.9 inches. Roberto, 54, wishes to be a pornstar and thinks he will make a lot of money with his asset. 

Sleep erections? Yes, It's a thing!

It is known that on an average, a man can have up to 5 erections in one night. Did you know this? In fact, it's common for a man in good health to wake up with an erection... No big deal about it! 

Most men don't have control over when they will ejaculate

This is mostly because the signal to ejaculate does not come from the brain. It comes from the spinal ejaculation generator. This region is in the spinal cord and coordinates the ejaculation. However, your brain can still delay the process by say, thinking about something non-sexual. 

Penis shrinkage


A man's penis can shrink up to 1 centimetre due to various external factors. Smoking plays a big role in causing the penis to shrink. It happens due to calcified blood vessels that reduce the erectile circulation of blood. Apart from this, the penile tissue becomes less elastic if a guy does not get enough erections. Simply put, not using the penis enough can cause it to shrink over time.

How many of these does your partner know... Time to find out!

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