Fresh And Fab: The Most Common Perfume Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Now!

Fresh And Fab: The Most Common Perfume Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Now!

Wearing a perfume is super easy--one spritz here, one spritz there and you're done, but wearing it right is an art. Do you rub your wrists together after spraying perfume? And if you are nodding a yes then let me break it to you that it's a terrible habit. Did you know that the bathroom steam may be curbing its freshness? You are not the only one repeating these perfume mistakes. Trust us, we've all been there. 


Common Perfume Mistakes That You've Gotta Stop Making

We're here to give you solutions for common perfume mistakes.

Don't Rub, Just Spray

The most common perfume mistake that people make is applying their perfume to their wrists and then rubbing them together. Did you know that the friction created by rubbing heats up the skin and alters the scent? So, actually the base note of the perfume may remain but the top and middle notes will be disrupted. To avoid this, put the perfume to your pressure points and let your skin absorb the fragrance.

Buy A Smaller Size Instead Of The Large Perfume

Perfumes should actually be consumed quickly. Keeping a half-used bottle on your shelf allows oxygen to break down the scent's molecules, altering its composition. So, picking out perfumes in smaller sizes is actually advisable because the fragrance remains as close to its actuality as possible. If you have no option but to pick a large bottle, you can transfer it into smaller vials or tuck your half-empty fragrances in the fridge to maintain their freshness.


Don't Keep It Where The Temperature Fluctuates

Perfumes are super sensitive to temperature so where you store them makes a lot of difference--too hot and too cold temperatures alter the chemical bonds and so your fragrance can lose its charm. You should store your perfume in a cool, dark place where the room temperature is between 16 to 22 degrees. So, the bathroom is a big no-no as is a vanity where there is direct sunlight. Perfumes with dark and opaque packaging tend to last longer.

Applying Perfume On Dry Skin

Another thing that doesn't work at all is applying perfume on dry skin. Moisturise before putting the perfume and for daily use, you should go with one that typically goes with the moituriser. A pro tip to make your perfume last longer is to apply petroleum jelly to your pulse points and then spritz it on. 

Don't Carry Your Perfume Along With You Everywhere

Carrying your perfume around in your bag exposes it to different temperatures and breaks it down. It also allows oxygen to get into it which further changes the scent. So, switch to rollerball perfumes that you can use on-the-go and leave your trusty perfume at home.

So, spritz and spray and feel fab!

Featured Image: Pexels