7 Gorgeous Nail Shapes To Choose From For Your Next Mani Appointment

7 Gorgeous Nail Shapes To Choose From For Your Next Mani Appointment

Ladies, your nails have a way of making you look presentable and put together instantly. Whether you're going for an interview or a first date, pay special attention to your nails cause it can unknowingly communicate a lot about you. But getting a regular manicure isn't enough, you should get one that is perfectly suited to your nail length and the event you're going for. 

So, we're here to give you a break down of all the nail shapes that you could choose from when you're going to get your next manicure.

The Classic Round Ones

This is a super easy nail shape to maintain and even if you chip one here and there you can file them short and they'll still look good. This is a super easy shape to maintain so if you like natural-looking nails that are understated yet well-groomed, this one is for you.

Oval Nails Are In

While this nail shape looks simple, it can't be pulled off on very short nails so you'll have to get gel or acrylics done. Oval nails give the illusion of elongated fingers so if that's something you want, you should choose these during your next salon session.

Square 'Em Up

These are really easy nails to recreate so when you're doing an at-home mani, you should go for square nails. However, the sides may get jagged from time to time and need regular filing. Solid colours and geometric, negative space nail art go well with this shape.

Almonds For All

Almonds nails look super glamourous and are perfect for big events like weddings. They are slightly different from oval nails thanks to their tapered tips. Chic and classy, these will look the best with a simple nude shade.

Stiletto Nails Look Fab

Beauty or fashion or both? These nails are dramatic and make a statement and they're also very high maintenance. Because the ends need to look pointed and tapered, you'll need extensions to help you achieve it. They're also very brittle so your natural nails won't be able to handle it. If you're willing to commit, these are the ones for you.

Go All Out With Ballerina Nails

These are a little easier to maintain than stiletto nails but are still pretty high maintenance. Unless your natural nails are rock hard, you'll need acrylic, gel, or overlays to help you out. Ballerina nails are Kylie Jenner's fav style so if you're a fan, you should totes choose these.

Lipstick Inspired Nails

For people who want to keep it unique- this is the nail shape to go for. Lipstick nails are inspired by bullet lipsticks and are slanted from the top edge. Just like your fav shade, these go well with all colours and styles!

While we're sure that your salon is maintaining hygiene and taking precautions to keep the place safe, we suggest that you don't take the risk until absolutely necessary. Do a little home manicure and use your fav nail paint to get you in the mood instead of venturing out of the house. 


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Happy nailing!

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