Don't Forget To Blend! 5 Common Beauty Blunders You Need To Stop Making ASAP

Don't Forget To Blend! 5 Common Beauty Blunders You Need To Stop Making ASAP

Have you ever been in a situation where you've done your makeup under minimal lighting and stepped out thinking you're looking fab, when in reality it's all a big, blotchy mess? It's only once you start clicking selfies that you realise that your undereye concealer is way too light for your skin tone and your contour lines are looking super harsh. Yeah, not a great revelation, right?

Don't worry, we've all been there. 

To help you through your makeup journey, we've put together a list of the most common makeup blunders that people make so that you know better the next time you're experimenting. 

These Are The Most Makeup Mistakes That You've Got To Look Out For

Used the wrong shade of foundation and ended up with your face looking as white as a ghost? It's happened to the best of us. Read on to know what the most common makeup mistakes and how you can avoid making them.

Applying The Wrong Shade Of Concealer


One advice that every makeup pro gives is applying a concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin tone so that not only it conceals your dark circles but also brightens your undereye area. A lot of people take this too far and end up using a concealer shade that's way too light for their skin tone. This gives a ghostly appearance and looks jarring in photos too.

To avoid this, choose a concealer that's just one shade lighter and apply it evenly to look more awake and ready.


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Going Overboard With Powder


Do you know about Flashback Mary? If you know what I'm talking about, you're my new best friend. 

For those of you who don't know, Flashback Mary is an avatar of YouTube makeup maestro James Charles and probably his biggest makeup fail to date. A few years ago, he was clicking photos with his fans and what he didn't realise was that he had applied too much powder to set his face. This was causing a white flashback in photographs that wasn't very flattering on the star but at least we got a superb meme out of it.

The easiest way to avoid this faux pas is by clicking a photo with your flash on before leaving the house. If you even look like James' distant cousin, you need to brush off the excess powder immediately.


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Not Blending Your Contour


Remember when Miss Jenner attended an event looking super hot in a low cut black dress with the most sultry red pout ever? However, all that wasn't given much importance because everyone was staring at her harsh contour. It was almost as if her MUA forgot to blend it out.

The best way to avoid any kind of contouring mistake is to dab over it using a damp beauty sponge and check it twice under natural light.



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Applying Wrong Shade Of Foundation


Foundation lays down the base for your entire makeup routine. So obviously, that step is key. Match your foundation with your face by trying it out on your cheek and use samples from the store before buying a full-sized product. Some foundations also oxidize on the skin so only once you wear it for the day will you truly understand if the shade is perfect for you or not.

If you are really unsure about your foundation shade, the best solution is to visit a store and ask one of the sales representatives to help you out. Keep in mind the undertone of your skin because that plays a vital role in your base looking natural.


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Picking The Wrong Shade Of Nude Lipstick


Nude lipsticks are the nude bras of makeup--they go with any look, they're super wearable and they've got your back always. However, you should know that not every nude lipstick shade will suit you. If you have a dusky complexion or love rocking a bronzed Goddess look, extremely light nude shades could look end up looking ashy. Pinkish or mauve nudes are more universal so you can go for those instead.

It is said that the best nude lip colour is the one that matches the colour of your nipple. Yup, we aren't making this up. So next time you want to purchase a nude lippie, you could go with that as your benchmark.


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