Chai Lovers, Your Fave Drink Has Become A Worldwide Hair Trend & You're Going To Love It!

Chai Lovers, Your Fave Drink Has Become A Worldwide Hair Trend & You're Going To Love It!

During these past few months, when we were quarantined and confined to the four walls within our own home, we saw the birth and resurgence of many makeup and skincare trends. And due to the excess amount of free time on our hands, most of us had no problem trying them all out. But now that salons have been given the green light to operate again, hairstyles are stealing the spotlight. While you’ve got your clear skin, watercolour eye makeup and street style manicure covered, it’s time to add a new, stylish twist to your hair as well. Step aside pumpkin spice lattes, people are taking their love for chai to a whole new level! Chocolate Chai is the new fad and no, it has nothing to do with Starbucks.

After months of letting your hair grow out with no touch-ups or trims, it’s finally time for a proper maintenance session. But instead of opting for the same look, why not try something new that’s perfect for the upcoming season? If you need some inspiration, brunette balayage tone a.k.a Chocolate Chai is the new hit hair trend that everyone is falling in love with. People world-over are going gaga over it and rushing to the salons to give their hair the chai makeover. So, don’t be surprised if, in the next couple of weeks, this is the only thing you see on your Insta feed. 

What Is The 'Chocolate Chai' Hair Trend?

There’s a reason why this hair trend had caught everyone’s eyes. Unlike Unicorn hair or the Ice Queen look ---both of which are bold and edgy, this brunette balayage colour is simple, eye-catching and best of all, anyone can pull it off, regardless of their skin colour, hair type or hair length. Not to forget, it is also low maintenance--- what more could you ask for! So, what’s the exact colour? Well, if you’re picturing your entire hair in that light brownish chai tone—don’t! This hair trend is a mixture of both dark and light shades, which add a more sunkissed-like look to your hair. The dark roots mimic your favourite cup of hot chocolate while the swirls of pale brown highlights, which are placed around the hairline refer to your cup of chai. It’s perfect for winter as it gives out summer vibes, adds a bit of warmth to your face and looks stunning against any skin tone.

Types Of 'Chocolate Chai' Styles

Lucky for you, this trend has more than one look. From subtle and natural hues to blonde and bold, here are different ways you can embrace this new hair trend. While it’s hard to shake off the horrors of 2020, you can salvage the remainder of this year by perking up your mood a bit and even feel like a different person with this new hair trend. And best of all, it’s the finishing touch you need for your post-quarantine transformation.

Simple & Subtle


The lockdown had given us all time to think about various new hairstyles we could rock once life goes back to normal. For those who have gone through endless hairstyle options on Pinterest but are still too afraid to take the next step, this look is just for you. It’s low-key, pretty and also trendy, so there’s no doubt that you’ll look bomb AF in your pictures as well as in person.

If you aren’t looking for something too extreme, then dark roots with light balayage highlights around the hairline are perfect. It’s subtle and gives off a more natural look, ideal for those who want to take baby steps when it comes to changing their hair colour.

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Brighter Fronts


Even though the world is slowly trying to get back to what it was before corona plagued our lives, we still have a long way to go----that means your Zoom and Skype calls aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. This chocolate chai hairstyle is perfect if you want to look good on camera – whether it is for your video calls or selfies. This style emphasizes the front layers by adding a lighter hue to your front strands or flicks which in turn, brightens up the entire face, especially on camera. If you want to look Insta-ready and hella chic, this hairstyle is the way to go!

Blonde Ambition


The best thing about this hair trend is the fact that there are many variants catering to everyone’s needs. It’s not only about keeping it simple and subtle, but there are also options for those who are all for dramatic and edgy. The Chocolate Chai hair trend doesn’t only refer to a mixture of dark and light brown hues. For those looking for an edgier look, you can opt for light brown roots and blond highlights.

Curl Makeover


Women with curly hair aren’t particularly fond of hair colour but if you use the right brands and put your hair in the hands of a professional, you needn’t worry about your curls getting damaged or dry. For curly hair girls looking to spruce up their curls, the Chocolate Chai hair colour trend is ideal as it stands out even on curls, no matter your curl type. Whether you fall under type 2, 3 or 4 of the curly hair categories, this hair colour trend is the change-up you’re looking for. The lighter hues around your hairline instantly add life to your curls, giving them a new, fresh look.


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We’ve spent more than 6 months at home and now that everything is slowly going back to normal, everyone is looking to make a big statement with a new look. Since you probably already have skin and makeup checked off the list, you can add a new hairstyle to it as well. If you want to add a little warmth to your face this winter, screenshot these looks and book your appointment with the salon to get on board with this hot new hair trend.

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