Bollywood Makeup Mistakes That We're Not Going To Forget Anytime Soon

Bollywood Makeup Mistakes That We're Not Going To Forget Anytime Soon

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days!

Remember this iconic song by Hannah Montana?! It is my go-to mantra for whenever I'm feeling low and honestly, it always perks up my mood. But what's not making me feel so good right now are the makeup mistakes made by our fave Bollywood stars. Seriously, what were they even thinking? But guess everybody really does have those days!

Keep on reading to see some of the most unforgiving makeup mistakes made by B-Town celebs.

7 Times Bollywood Got Their Makeup All Wrong

Is it just me or watching #CelebFails at 3 am is your guilty pleasure too? Here are some makeup fails that might satisfy your inner keeda.

Deepika Padukone


Starting off our list is Miss Padukone. The former model is often criticized for allegedly lightening her natural skin tone and this picture speaks volumes! As you can see, that lipstick shade isn't doing justice to her flawless skin. Her MUA definitely didn't blend the makeup well and the speck of powder around her chin is clearly visible. The blush shade is not a match and is that highlighter on her cheeks or did somebody forget to set her face with a mattifying powder?

Priyanka Chopra


Long, loooong before PeeCee became an acclaimed international superstar, she was a Bollywood darling. She started her career at a very young age and that's probably why she looks so fly these days. But that wasn't always the case.

Overly plucked brows, golden eyeshadow with a berry lip colour, that maang tikka and that bindi; who did her makeup because it's all shades of wrong!

Gauri Khan


SRK's lady love isn't a Bollywood star but has rightfully earned her spot on our list. But where do we even begin? Forget her thin brows, they were apparently a rage back then, but what's with that lip colour! Okay, we get it, you wanted your lips to do the talking but they're definitely not your shade, Gauri. And you could've definitely done with a little less shine on your face. 



Have you noticed how all beauty bloggers and makeup artists suggest you apply concealer under your eyes that's a shade lighter so that you can brighten up the area? Well, this is definitely doing that but not in a good way!

The late starlet is known for sporting some of the most beautiful makeup looks that we've seen but sadly, this is too much. Forget the concealer that's giving me #FlashbackMary vibes (James Charles, you've got competition) but even the foundation shade is not correct! And that setting powder is only making things worse.


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Celina Jaitly


Overly plucked brows (again), kuch bhi shade of foundation, middle parting, super light under-eye concealer, plunging neckline- if this picture doesn't define every actress in the early 2000s, I don't know what will!

Comparatively, Celina's makeup is not gaudy as compared to the other contenders but still, it is bad!

Sonam Kapoor


There's no denying that Sonam Kapoor is a risk-taker. Whether it's wearing a denim saree or experimenting with makeup lewks, she's always thinking OTB but not everything can work in her favour, right? This picture of Sonam sporting an unflattering hairdo, bright blush and an equally bright coral lipstick made it to worst celebrity makeup fails everywhere! And those green earrings are definitely not helping!

Kareena Kapoor


Remember that viral video of Cardi B where she's shouting "What is that?" numerous times. I feel her! Seriously Bebo, kya hai yeh? Is that an all bronzed-up makeup look gone wrong or did Kareena accidentally slept while getting tanned?! Questions, we have so many of them!

And no, those sparkly lids and gloss are not looking good!

Which one of these makeup mistakes are you guilty of making in the past?

Featured Image: YouTube, Pinterest