Self-Care Isn't Just Sheet Masks & Candles: Make Time For A Dedicated Body Care Routine

Self-Care Isn't Just Sheet Masks & Candles: Make Time For A Dedicated Body Care Routine

We all have become quite passionate about skincare these days, haven't we? With the rise of TikTok trends and the fact that we now have more time than ever, a lot of us are really keen on trying skincare products want to figure out what keeps our skin happy and hydrated.

But, when was the last time you sat down and showed your body some love? No, we don't mean THAT! We meant doing a full-on, dedicated body care routine--exactly how you do it for your face. Yes, your body deserves some extra TLC too and moisturising it once a while is not good enough! And if you aren't sure how, then keep on reading!

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Show Your Body Some Love

A body care routine doesn't have to be extensive at all. In fact, you can do a full-body scrub, followed by taking a bath and moisturising it from head to toe! But if you have got some extra time on your hands, here's how you can do an extensive body care routine at least once a week:

Step 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliating your body is one way to get rid of the nitty gritties and dead skin in no time. Start by carrying your body scrub with you in the shower and once your body is wet, scrub it everywhere. It'll not only make your body squeaky clean but doing it is will also get rid of ingrown hair, if any.

And if you do not have a body scrub, you can always DIY it!

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Step 2: Cleanser

Once you've scrubbed yourself goood, it's time to cleanse. Squeeze out a dollop of body cleanser/body wash on your favourite loofah and massage it everywhere on your body. Just make sure it smells amazing and no reside from your body scrub is left behind and then wash it off.

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Step 3: Masking

Once you've scrubbed and cleansed, it's time to treat your body to a body mask! Yes, body mask is a thing, and since it's better to avoid spa treatments (we do not want Miss 'Rona to come back home with us), it is better if we do it from the comfort of our homes.

Just put on some candles, play your fave genre of music and let the game of masking begin.

Just make sure you spread out some towels (or some old newspapers) before you cover yourselves in the mask as you wouldn't want it to get everywhere.


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Step 4: Hydrate

Once the mask has dried off, wash it using lukewarm water. You'll notice that your skin is visibly brighter and totally looks beach ready! To ensure that it's glowing like a pearl, use GLOW By Myglamm's Iridescent Brightening Lotion that not only hydrates but will also give your body a beautiful glow!


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Step 5: Mask Some More

Once your body is gleaming with pride, you can add another dose of hydration with hand and foot masks. Just wrap a nice, comforting foot mask on your hands and feet and lie down.

If you do not want to indulge in hand or foot masks, you can always apply a generous layer of a hand and a foot cream and call it a day. After all, the goal is to hydrate, right?


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Your body does so much for you. Time to show it how much you appreciate it ❤️

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