Ice, Ice Baby: Why You Should Wash Your Face With Cold Water For Better Skin

Ice, Ice Baby: Why You Should Wash Your Face With Cold Water For Better Skin

We all want skin that's healthy, clean, and just beautiful, right? Skin that glows, feels amazing to touch and is always hydrated. Probably the reason why the skincare industry is booming right now is that everyone has extra time on their hands to practise self-care.

No matter what your skincare regimen is, just making a small change to it can greatly affect the way your skin looks and feels. It does not cost a penny but the result is priceless and you don't really need anything for it! We're talking about washing your face with cold water. Keep reading to know its amazing benefits.

Why You Should Wash Your Face With Cold Water

Why spend all your hard-earned money on beauty treatments and expensive products when something as simple as washing your face with cold water is going to help you get closer to the skin you always desired!

Depuffs Skin

If you feel that your face resembles a gubara when you wake up, then washing your face with ice-cold water is what you should do as soon as you wake up. This happens because our skin cells regenerate overnight and pores expand, thereby making our face appear puffy.

Or you can simply massage your face with an ice roller daily to instantly depuff your beautiful face.

Instant Glow

If you have tired, dull-looking skin, rub an ice cube on your face and look at your skin glow. Just doing this once a day invigorates your skin and gives you that natural glow you always wanted. This happens because the ice helps pump more blood which results in your skin glowing.

If you have acne-prone skin, you can also add a pinch of turmeric or a few drops of green tea and freeze it. It helps fight acne while making your skin glow.

Helps Makeup Last Longer

If you want your makeup to last longer than your dates, you have to try this Bella Hadid approved makeup trick. The internet was taken aback when Bella revealed that she dunks her face in ice-cold water after she's done with her makeup!

This technique is called Jamsu and it is really popular in Korea. To do it like Bella and after you're done with your makeup, cover your face in either baby or translucent powder and then dunk your face in cold water. Gently pat your face dry and you're good to go.

Prevents Skin Damage

Did you know that your pores tighten when you wash your face with cold water? It not only makes your skin appear younger but also prevents your pores from getting exposed to the harmful UV rays.

Makes Skin Appear Younger

Why invest in expensive creams when just a splash of cold water will help you keep that skin looking fab and young. Did you know that cold water helps slow down the ageing process and will, in fact, reduce the signs of ageing from your face? 

So next time you're tempted to warm up your water, just remember these benefits and use a bottle from the fridge instead. 

Featured Image: Instagram, YouTube