5 Reasons Why Massaging Should Be An Important Step In Your Skincare Routine

5 Reasons Why Massaging Should Be An Important Step In Your Skincare Routine

We're all extremely stressed these days and work timings have gone way beyond the average nine hours. Along with doing a lot more chores at home, there's also a full-fledged pandemic that's causing havoc in the world. So, it's natural if your anxiety levels are higher than usual. 

For really destressing after a long day, a lovely long massage works well. However, do not only focus on massaging your body, but also show the skin on your face some love too. For healthy, radiant skin, make sure that you include massage therapy while you apply a face pack, sheet mask or face oil. We'll tell you why...

5 Reasons Massaging Should Be An Important Step In Your Skincare Routine

After all, skincare is self-care!

It Delays Ageing


Our skin's texture changes as we age. The moment we touch our late 20s, wrinkles and fine lines become a common sight. Facial skin starts to sag and before things get worse, we should learn how to look after our skin. With a mix of facial exercises, good quality skincare products, change in lifestyle and of course, massage therapy, we can slow down the ageing process. Practice massage therapy for 5-8 minutes every day to improve blood circulation and delay the ageing process


Be Gentle All The Way

While massaging, you want to apply light pressure. If you're too rough, you can damage and hurt the skin. If you don't like using your fingers to massage your face, use a face tool like a face roller, gua sha or ice roller! They're all equally good. 

Tip: Use only clean fingers or clean face tools to massage your face as dirt and bacteria can cause breakouts. 



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Improves Blood Circulation


Massage therapy improves blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen to the skin and gives it that radiant, healthy glow. The key to massaging your face properly is to also do so in circular and upward motions. Spend 5 minutes every day to massage your face with a face roller. In a month's time, your skin should look healthy, radiant, and relaxed.

Do It For The Glow!

Not only does massage therapy help to tighten the skin, but it also depuffs it at the same time as well. After the massage, you will start to notice that your skin feels fresh, hydrated and rejuvenated. For an instant glow, wrap some crushed ice in a towel and gently massage your face with it for a few minutes. This takes care of puffiness, dullness and tiredness. P.S. Don't forget to moisturise after!


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Aids In Lymphatic Drainage


If your face looks bloated and your complexion looks dull most of the times, then you need to get a facial massage done. Massage therapy helps in aiding lymphatic drainage and getting rid of toxins build-up. Thus, making your skin look dewy, fresh, and oh-so-bright!

Now that you know how important of a step massaging is in a skincare routine, you should do it more often for healthy, radiant skin. 

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