Colour Me Fruity: DIY Nail Art Inspiration To Brighten Up Gloomy Monsoon Days

Colour Me Fruity: DIY Nail Art Inspiration To Brighten Up Gloomy Monsoon Days

The pandemic lockdown has almost been synonymous with DIY trends and for good reason. Why not improve your beauty skills sitting at home than actually venturing into a salon and putting yourself at risk. People have added hairdressers, makeup artists, masseuse, and what not to their learning-at-home skills and now almost everyone can make at least a couple of DIY face masks using ingredients available at home. 

With a total hair and skin makeover, why should your nails be left behind? If you want to add some colour to your life then we've got some cute, fruity nail art inspiration for you. So, ready to look like one in a melon?



INR 350 AT MyGlamm

A Fruit Basket

Gigi Hadid got this nail art done a while ago and you can totes take inspiration from the model. Give your fingers a fruity boost! There's kiwi, there's passionfruit, watermelon, strawberry, and my mouth is totally watering after seeing this.


Color Crush Nailart, M19 Sunny Yellow

INR 145 AT Lakme

Don't Be Melon-choly

Watermelon juice, watermelon just as is, and watermelon on your nails; all work wonders. This will give you that cool, refreshing feeling during this sticky weather and that's just such a relief.


Lotus Herbals Crimson Red Nail Polish 912

INR 114 AT Lotus Herbals

Orange You Glad You Found This?

This orange and blue nail art is hella adorable and we love the detailing. The blue and white stripes, the tiny flowers, and the overall adorable vibe looks so freaking cute. This will, of course, take practice but you can always start slow and eventually build yourself up to this level.


Colorbar Matte Nail Lacquer - Frooties

INR 199 AT Colorbar

This Is Cherrific!

The cherry on top of your #OOTD will be your nails, pretty literally! This is a more minimalistic design as compared to the others and is somewhat easier to recreate. Give yourself a French manicure and then do this nail art on top and it'll look cute AF.


O.P.I Nail Lacquer - Hot & Spicy

INR 850 AT O.P.I

Looking Juicy

For those of you who love watermelons, this nail art is great. Three nails have colourful French tips while two have an ode to the fruit itself. Maybe by looking down at your nails, you'll remember to reach out for the fruit in your fridge instead of Nutella. 

Two of your kind - Nail paints

INR 390 AT MyGlamm

Oh! What A Fineapple.

This is the cutest nail art on the list cause it's quirky, colourful and super fun! The pastel pink flamingos and burst of pineapples just got me in the mood to sip on Pina Coladas by the beach! 


L'Oreal Paris L'Huile Nail Paint

INR 179 AT L'Oreal Paris

Tootie Fruity

This is for those of you who want to jump on the fruit trend but still want to keep it understated. This nail art uses pastel colours and is matte in finish and honestly, it looks stunning! 


Nykaa Matte Nail Lacquer - Black Sesame Pudding 09

INR 199 AT Nykaa

Every Aam Admi Would Love This

Okay, mangoes are the best fruit and there are just no two ways about this. So now that mango season is pretty much over, why not pay one last tribute to the yummy fruit through your nails?


Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel - Sunny Side Up

INR 109 AT Faces Canada

Let's get fruity, guys!

Featured Image: Instagram