Bold & Beautiful: Three Fun And Easy Looks You Can Create Using A Red Eye Shadow

Bold & Beautiful: Three Fun And Easy Looks You Can Create Using A Red Eye Shadow

If we asked you about eyeshadow shades you wouldn’t dare to experiment with, we’re sure you’d pick reds, neons, greens and blues. And that's simply because these shades are considered bold and are, at times, difficult to work with. But what if we told you that it's not only doable but also easy to nail the art of working with deeper shades? Remember, the key to good eye makeup is a well-blended eyeshadow and not the shade you pick. So if you're looking to learn some nifty red eye shadow hacks without looking too OTT, you've come to the right place.

But before we dive in, it's important to prep your lids first. Most people use eyeshadow primers, but if you don't have one, use a concealer instead. The concealer will not only create a smooth base but also help your eye shadow look more vibrant while preventing your lids from eyeshadow stains (a common mishap with pigmented and bold eye shadows). 



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Red Eye Shadow Hacks You'll Love

It’s time we give our favourite nude eye shadows a break and switch to something more bold and unique.

For That Subtle Splash of Colour


Just as pinks add a beautiful wash of colour to your lids, a red eye shadow can do the same if you use the right technique. Remember, we’re looking for that barely-there dash of colour, so you gotta be extremely light-handed with your brush when applying the eye shadow all over your lid. We recommend a fluffy eye shadow brush as this does the job perfectly.

A step by step guide to creating this single red eyeshadow look:

  1. Prep your lids using a concealer of your choice and set it using a loose powder.
  2. Now, using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, pick a tiny amount of product.
  3. Unlike transition shades, when using a single eyeshadow colour, all you need to do is place it all over your lids and blend using a wiper motion. 
  4. Voila!

Pro Tip: Pick very little product if you’re using an eye shadow that’s supremely pigmented.

Deep red eyeshadow

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Smokey Eyes With a Twist


So far, we’ve only seen these looks created using either a deep brown or black eyeshadow, but with newer trends pouring in, these may soon be history. Why not move over the cliche and create something fun and colourful? Bold red eye makeup looks are super easy to create--all you need is a bright red, deep maroon red and a shimmery red eyeshadow to complete the look. This look is perfect if you’re looking for an OTT cocktail party makeover.

Step by step guide to red smokey eyes:

  1. Prep and prime your lids using a concealer, followed by a setting powder.
  2. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, blend the bright red shade onto your crease to create that soft transition colour.
  3. Next, using an eye shadow shader brush, place the deep maroon red/blood red shade onto the out corners of your eyes, create a 'V'.
  4. Now blend like a pro until you see no harsh lines.
  5. This step is completely optional–you may either use a shimmery red eye shadow all over your lid or simply place the same deep red shade over your entire lid using a flat eyeshadow brush.
  6. Lastly, take the same deep red shade using a shader brush and place it over your lower lash line. Ensure you’re not using too much product.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you're using a different brush for each eye shadow shade, and a clean brush to blend out the harsh lines. This helps each shade pop up beautifully.

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Colour That Wing!


This is a really cool trick, especially when you’re looking for a coloured eyeliner but don’t have one! Red adds a beautiful pop of colour to your lids and on days when you wish to keep it simple yet stylish, a good red-winged eyeliner does the trick. If you haven't tried it yet, here's how you can create your own DIY eyeliner at home using nothing but just water and red eyeshadow. 

Step by step red-winged liner using a single eyeshadow:

  1. Run your angled eyeliner brush under a bit of tap water or simply dip it into a glass of water and get rid of any excess water by dabbing it over a paper towel
  2. Now, pick up that bold red shade with the brush.
  3. This will transform the eyeshadow into a paste-like consistency, which you can easily swipe across your upper and lower eyelids, just like you would using a liquid liner.

Pro Tip: Once you're done creating your wing, use a concealer to smooth out the lines for a clean finish.

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Are you ready to step up your makeup game and give red a shot?

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