Put Your Best Foot Forward: How To Keep Your Feet Soft & Happy This Monsoon

Put Your Best Foot Forward: How To Keep Your Feet Soft & Happy This Monsoon

Monsoon--the word by itself can spark both happiness and concern at the same time. On one hand, it saves us from the scorching summer heat while on the other hand, it is not our skin’s BFF. We’re in the midst of both torrential rains and small passing showers--this means a constant change in temperature, high humidity levels and increase of moisture in the air. All these factors put together tend to wreak havoc on our skin and eventually lead to breakouts and loss of radiance.

On the bright side, the internet is filled with plenty of monsoon facial skincare hacks that are beneficial in helping us retrieve that skin glow. But aside from your face, there’s one part of your body that goes through a lot during monsoon and it's given very little care--we’re talking about your feet! We have to walk through puddles of water riddled with a lot of nasties, we end up staying in wet shoes for hours, accumulation of dirt and grime under the toenails is inevitable and worst of all, we need to tackle smelly feet. Foot care is an important aspect of health care and it’s high time we learn how to look after our feet. If you want to avoid fungal infections and skin damage, you need to show your feet a lot more love and treat them right.

How To Keep Your Feet Clean During The Monsoon Season

Don’t worry, you don’t need to take hours out of your day to care for your feet; there are certain measures and easy steps that will help keep your feet clean, soft and supple during the rainy season. Keep on reading to find out what they are:

Avoid Wet Feet


We’re all guilty of staying in damp shoes for hours in the office or at college. Damp and dark environments are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, ergo, it’s important to always keep your feet dry. The longer you keep your feet in wet shoes, the greater the chances of infections, blisters and formation of cracks. For others, this can also lead to painful trench feet.

Solution: The moment you get indoors, free your feet from your wet socks and shoes and dry them off immediately. This will prevent the growth of germ, bacteria and fungi. If you’re at work, it’s beneficial to keep an extra pair of shoes in the office. Also, try to avoid wearing socks during monsoon, but if it’s necessary, always carry an extra pair with you. Once you clean and dry your feet, use an anti-fungal powder to hinder the growth of bacteria and fungi. 

Long Nails Can Be A Problem


Since your feet are exposed to contaminated water during the monsoon, dirt particles settle under your nails which can lead to rough, brittle and discoloured nails as well as fungal infections.

SOLUTION: The shorter, the better. Get out your nail cutter and trim your toenails so that there’s no space for dirt and grime to accumulate. Make sure to also clean the corners or the sides of your toenails thoroughly every day as it’s a hub for nasties.

Avoid Foot Spas


First, going to the spa isn’t a great idea during the rains and second, we're still not free from the pandemic, so a DIY foot soak is a much safer option. After all, it's not just your face that needs pampering, your feet need some TLC too. Aside from avoiding the spa, keep in mind that fish manicures aren't safe either. Even though they are a popular technique to get rid of dead skin, avoid it during monsoon as it involves contact with non-sterilized water for long periods of time.

Solution: Once a week, soak your feet in warm water for at least 30 minutes at home. You can also add a bit of Epsom salt to the water. These salts act as a gentle exfoliant, treat fungal infections and even help avert foot odour. You can also invest in a foot scrubber or footstone to gently slough away dead skin cells and keep the skin smooth and soft.

Keep Your Feet Hydrated


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Prolong dampness can strip the skin of its natural oils which eventually makes it dry and brittle. During the monsoon season, water and humidity can strip the feet of moisture, leaving them dehydrated and damaged.

Solution: If you haven’t invested in a good foot cream yet, now’s the time. Applying foot cream daily can give your skin that extra boost of hydration it needs and ensures that your feet stay soft and supple. The WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Foot Cream is a great option as it is packed with natural extracts that not only moisturise the skin but also kill any germ or bacteria lurking around. If you want to wake up to baby-soft skin, you can also slather the cream on your feet and cover them with socks at night.

Pick The Right Footwear


Your summer shoes won’t work during the monsoon. Leather, cloth and even high heels are not a good option during the rainy season. Not only would they get destroyed, but they will also ruin your skin in the process.

SOLUTION: Opt for plastic shoes or sandals. With such footwear, water doesn’t tend to clog within, and they dry faster.

You don't need to have a love-hate relationship with the monsoon season. With the proper care, you can keep your skin fresh, clean and soft while enjoying nature's showers. 


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