Here's How To Remove Makeup For Clean (And I Mean Squeaky Clean) Skin Like A Celeb

Here's How To Remove Makeup For Clean (And I Mean Squeaky Clean) Skin Like A Celeb

Even though we're not wearing makeup on an everyday basis during the pandemic, many of us still do for zoom meetings or go for a li'l touch up for video calls. While makeup is great and all, let's not forget that it can cause some serious skincare issues if not taken off correctly. For instance, if your pores are clogged with makeup residue, the buildup can infect the area and cause breakouts. As a beauty maven myself, I would not recommend being in haste while removing makeup.

Take celebrities, for instance, their skin always looks flawless, moisturised and hydrated, even without makeup. Looking good and healthy is part of their profession and if we want the same for our skin, we must learn from the stars!

How To Remove ALL Of Your Makeup Correctly

As much time you spend applying your makeup, you need to be as invested in your post-makeup skincare routine too. And that includes:

Always Begin With Micellar Water


Don't expect your face wash to remove ALL your makeup at one go. Some makeup formulas are difficult to breakdown. To simplify the process, you need to first clean your face with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. Not only will this remove your makeup, but dust, grime, and environmental pollution as well.


Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

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Follow It Up With An Oil-Based Micellar Water

Plain micellar water is great, but if you have very dry skin, it can strip the skin of its natural oils in the process. Oil-based micellar water will be gentle on the skin and not dry it out. Especially to remove stubborn makeup like heavy eyeshadow, long-lasting lipsticks or waterproof makeup. If it's heavy eye makeup to remove, I would suggest that you place a cotton pad soaked in oil-based micellar water on your lids for 3 minutes. Trust me, the makeup will melt off instantly!


Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

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Double-Cleansing Is The Way To Go


By now, you have successfully managed to remove 97% of the makeup. To make sure that your skin is completely makeup-free, wash your face first with an oil-based cleanser and then with a water-based one. While the oil-based cleanser will help remove makeup residue, sebum, and sunscreen leftovers, the water-based cleanser will get rid of dirt and grime stuck in the pores. Post double-cleansing, your skin is bound to look brighter and feel fresher. 

Note: Keep a check on the water temperature. If the water is too hot, it will dry out the skin and if it's too cold, it will temporarily retract the skin. Lukewarm water is ideal for cleansing as it doesn't cause the skin to act up. End by splashing some cold water on the face to tighten the pores and give the skin a healthy glow.


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Moisturise & Hydrate

To wipe our face dry, many of us rub the towel all over the skin. Don't do this! Gently pat dry instead. Apply some face mist, then tone the skin to even its pH balance. Post using a toner, you can apply your serum, eye cream, moisturiser, and facial oil (all in this order). 


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And that's how you get your skin to look like a celebrity's! You're welcome!

Featured Image: Shutterstock