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How Long Do Your Favourite Skincare Ingredients Take To Work Their Magic? Let's Find Out!

How Long Do Your Favourite Skincare Ingredients Take To Work Their Magic? Let's Find Out!

Good things take time and that philosophy applies to skincare as well. To treat specific skin concerns like pigmentation or premature ageing, you must know two things--the right skincare ingredients and your skin type. Once you know these, you can then keep a mental tab on the amount of time a certain ingredient might take to show positive results. Isya Aesthetic's recent Instagram post will help you understand the process easily.

This Is How Long Your Favourite Skincare Ingredient Takes To Work Its Magic

Remember, patience is key.


Retinol is basically a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A. It prevents premature ageing and refines the skin's texture. While it does the job of boosting collagen production, it also helps to reduce the appearances of blemishes on the face.

How Long Does Retinol Take To Show Results?

  • Fine lines & wrinkles: 12-24 weeks 
  • Acne: 4-12 weeks
  • Hyperpigmentation: 24 weeks

Vitamin C


Since the body is unable to produce Vitamin C by itself, we need to consume it or apply it topically. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps brighten the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and prevent premature ageing. 

How Long Does Vitamin C Take To Show Results?

  • Fine lines & wrinkles: 12 weeks
  • Skin hydration: 6 weeks
  • Hyperpigmentation: 6 weeks


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Hyaluronic Acid

Did you know that our skin is capable of producing hyaluronic acid? The main function of hyaluronic acid is to retain water and keep the skin and tissues moist and lubricated. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid will protect and hydrate the skin and keep wrinkles at bay. 

How Long Does Hyaluronic Acid Take To Show Results?

  • Fine lines & wrinkles: 8-9 weeks
  • Skin hydration: 15 minutes (yes, really!)



AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid and is a water-soluble acid that is extracted from sugary fruits. If you're new to using AHA, go slow. It can cause irritation if your skin is not used to it. Loop in your dermatologist if you have any additional queries regarding AHA.

How Long Does AHA Take To Show Results?

  • Fine lines & wrinkles: 6-42 weeks
  • Acne: 7 weeks
  • Hyperpigmentation: 22 weeks


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BHA stands for beta hydroxy acids. Like AHAs, they're also water-soluble acids. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you should give BHA a shot!

How Long Does BHA Take To Show Results?

  • Acne: 2-12 weeks


Those suffering from acne, eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions should turn to niacinamide for help. It will help soothe the inflamed skin and treat hyperpigmentation too!

How Long Does Niacinamide Take To Show Results?

  • Fine lines & wrinkles: 8-12 weeks
  • Skin hydration: 4 weeks
  • Hyperpigmentation: 4 weeks
  • Acne: 8 weeks
  • Redness: 4 weeks
  • Oiliness: 2-6 weeks

Again, all good things take time. However, if you change your attitude towards skincare, then you'll not look at it as a routine anymore. On the contrary, it will become a lifestyle. 

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