7 TV Shows With The Hottest Sex Scenes For Your Guilty 'Pleasure'

7 TV Shows With The Hottest Sex Scenes For Your Guilty 'Pleasure'

We are living in the golden era of television where new and cutting-edge TV shows are taking the world by a storm. And ever since the lockdown in many parts of the world, more and more shows have aired on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hotstar. It's binge-watching that's helping us through self-quarantine, TBH.

While we're a big fan of evergreen sitcoms like Friends or TBBT or How I Met Your Mother, we get that sometimes, we need to watch a little something to turn up the heat between the sheets. Whether or not you're quarantining with someone, sexy TV shows are always a good idea. #SelfCare isn't selfish! So, we've rounded up the sexiest TV shows for you that will turn up the heat even with your AC on full blast *wink wink*!

Sexiest TV Shows That Will Turn You On

Whether you're looking for shows that have steamy sex scenes or simply sex-related shows, this list will not disappoint you. Read on to know more!

Made In Heaven

From Arjun Mathur's steamy sex scenes to Shobita and Jim Sarabh's, this series is not only gripping but is one of the first to normalise LGBTQ intimacy with leading Bollywood actors starring in it. This series will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end, we promise!

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Game Of Thrones

This popular medieval fantasy tale starts with a sex scene. While the eight-season long series focuses on politics and family, there is no denying that sex is an integral part of this show. And dragons!

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Sex And The City

Well, as the name suggests, Sex And The City is a series that is full of sex. A story that revolves around four best friends (read New Yorkers) and their sex life will keep you hooked with a lot of steamy scenes till the very last episode.

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Four More Shots Please!

A desi version of Sex And The City, this Indian webseries revolves around four best friends who live their life through different kinds of emotions, a lot of drama and, well, loads of sex. 

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Sacred Games

Gangsters and sex really go hand in hand. Well, at least in the world of Sacred Games. This series about cops, villains, and their rigorous sex life will keep you hooked for a reallyyyyy long time. With lots and lots of sex scenes, of course. 

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Orange Is The New Black

A TV show about two women who come close to each other while they're in prison and learn a new technique to 'stay busy' will be an interesting watch for you.

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Who says that a story about a serial killer cum stalker can only be a teller of dark moments? This series has a lot of sex once the protagonist finds the love of his life. You will love them all, we promise!

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How many of these shows have you seen already? Maybe it's time for a re-run?

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