#LippieLove: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Make Your Own Lipstick Palette At Home

#LippieLove: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Make Your Own Lipstick Palette At Home

Everything about beauty DIYs fascinates me. The whole process of making a new beauty product from scratch is magic itself. Whether it's making your own lip scrub using natural ingredients from your kitchen or reusing your old makeup to make a new product - you're free to play scientist here! One of my personal favourite DIYs is a lipstick palette. I prefer carrying my lipstick shades in a palette rather than individual bullets because it saves space and is travel-friendly. If you feel me and want to learn how to make your own lipstick palette at home, then I'll happily teach you.

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How To Make DIY Lipstick Palette At Home

Trust me, it's easier than you think. 

You'll need:

- An empty lipstick palette 

- Lipsticks of your choice

- A candle 

- A stainless steel spoon

- A spatula

Here's How To Make Your Own Lipstick Palette:

Step 1: Cut a tiny piece of your favourite lipstick with a spatula.

Step 2: Take the part you cut in a stainless steel spoon. 

Step 3: Hold it over the lit candle for a minute and allow it to melt.

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Step 4: Now that your lippie has melted, pour the liquid lipstick into an empty lipstick palette. You can either reuse one of your old lipstick palettes or buy a new one.

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Step 5: Allow the product to set by storing it in a cool and dry place. 

Follow the same method for other lipstick shades. If you're still confused about how to go about it, here's a super-easy tutorial for you to watch!

Didn't I tell you this was hella fun and easy? To use the product, you can either use a lip brush or your fingers - whatever you're comfortable with. Give it a shot today!

Featured Image: Unsplash