5 Ayurvedic Ingredients That Promise You Bright & Glowing Skin

5 Ayurvedic Ingredients That Promise You Bright & Glowing Skin

Dewy, bright skin is often associated with good health. I'd like to think of skin to be a window to internal health. Improving your skin texture takes a lot of effort. It's a combination of diet, exercise, a solid skincare routine and of course, consistency. The lockdown is a great time to analyze our skin and reconnect with our roots. This is where Ayurveda comes into the picture. Born on Indian soil, Ayurveda allows you to personalise the healing process of your body taking your doshas into consideration.

5 Ayurvedic Ingredients You Need To Look For

There are plenty of ayurvedic ingredients out there that target different hair and skin concerns. However, today, our focus will only be on those that help to brighten one's complexion. 

P.S. If you want that glow back, make sure that you look out for these ayurvedic ingredients when you shop online.

1. Licorice aka Madhuka


I'm not talking about licorice candy, I'm talking about the herb here. When consumed, liquorice root extract can not only help to repair the stomach lining but boost immunity as well. When applied topically, it helps protect the skin from UV rays and improves the texture of the skin by fading dark spots and blemishes.

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2. Vetiver aka Khus

Native to India, Khus is a clumpy, green grass that's about five feet tall. Using it in its oil form, this ingredient keeps the acne at bay and fade away acne marks. Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, khus helps to nourish and even out your skin tone. 

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3. Jasmine Leaves aka Chameli Ke Patte


Jasmine leaves not only smell great but they have antiseptic properties as well. They help evening-out the skin tone and fade away age spots. Any skin care product which contains jasmine leaf extract will surely be gentle on the skin and add that soft, healthy glow to the complexion. 


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4. Sandalwood aka Chandan

When you try a sandalwood face pack or cream, there's no turning back. Known for its skin-brightening properties, after a couple of uses, you'll see the difference in your complexion. Your skin will look fresh, radiant and feel baby soft. Also, if you live with pimples and rashes,  sandalwood will calm your skin down and slowly nurse it back to health. 

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5. Aloe Vera aka Ghritkumari


It's important to have at least one aloe vera product at home 'coz it actually means well for your skin. Whenever you break out or have a rash, aloe vera can take care of your skin. It's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and does a great job at making skin glow and calming it down when triggered. 

Which ingredient are you drawn to the most? We're sure all of 'em *wink*

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