Just Like Kylie? 5 Really Bizarre Beauty Hacks That Claim To Give You Fuller Lips

Just Like Kylie? 5 Really Bizarre Beauty Hacks That Claim To Give You Fuller Lips

There was a time when everyone wanted to have fuller, bigger lips like Angelina Jolie. She has the most perfect, natural pout, doesn't she? Then the youngest Kardashian of 'em of, Kylie decided to get her lips injected with lip fillers and everyone around the world lost their mind and there began a really bizarre trend.

Suddenly, everyone wanted to have big, fuller lips like her and the #KylieJennerLips became a trend. However, most of us are not blessed with plump lips, or the will to go under the knife. Thus was born the internet jugaad

We definitely do not recommend you try any of these at home!

Here Are Some Of The Craziest Hacks We've Seen

Yay or downright stupid? You decide!


Time to apply toothpaste on your teeth lips??

Apparently, the internet believes that applying a minty toothpaste on your lips will make them look a little bit bigger. A lot of people claim that this trick works but only for a few minutes. Sounds like the toothpaste acts as a temporary lip plumper. I mean, can you imagine carrying a toothpaste in your bag and applying it every few minutes to make your lips appear a little plumper? Methinksnot.

Peppermint Oil And Honey

Many people claim that this hack gives your lips a fuller-looking pout.

In a small jar, mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil with a tbsp of honey. Mix well and apply the paste on your lips. Wait for ten minutes and wash off. This mixture will make your lips look a little plumper, especially around your cupids bow. Peppermint oil can be really irritating, especially when used on your lips. If you have sensitive skin, that's an allergy waiting to happen.

Isn't it better to invest in a lip plumper instead? 🤷

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Cinnamon And Olive Oil

Just reading the word cinnamon makes me believe that this hack could actually work. A lot of lip plumpers use cinnamon and peppermint oil, but in moderation. These ingredients irritate your lips, thus causing temporary swelling. Apparently, you're supposed to mix cinnamon with a few drops of olive oil, apply it on your lips and leave for a few minutes. The cinnamon will really sting on your lips, so don't say we didn't warn you. Wash the mixture with cold water if you're really uncomfortable.

Make sure you do not use this on cracked or dry lips or you will regret immediately!


I had wasabi once, never again. It burned my tongue, my insides and probably my soul too. 🤯

Usually, people eat wasabi with sushi. Wasabi has antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria in sushi (because it's raw). For those of you who don't know, wasabi is hella spicy and that's why the vella people on the internet think that it's stinging properties can help your lips appear fuller. In fact, you can now purchase wasabi lip plumpers online.

Caution: Try at your own risk!

Shot Glasses & Water Bottles?!

This is supposedly called the Kylie Jenner Challenge. It basically involves placing a shot glass on your lips and sucking it for as long as possible. It actually does make your lips fuller and honestly as easy as it sounds, it is really dangerous and shouldn't be tried. Here's a compilation of videos on why you shouldn't do this, ever.

To conclude, please do not try these stupid hacks. Your lips are perfect the way they are. Honestly! You don't need fuller, plumper or larger lips to look beautiful. If you want your lips to look juicier, we recommend using lip plumper or maybe overline your lips with a lip liner. Another way to make your lips appear fuller is to use a lighter shade of lipstick (or even gloss) only on the centre of your lips.

Here's How You Can Over Line Your Lips Using Lip Liner

The internet is full of crazy things, isn't it?

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