How To Style Your 30s: 7 Celebrities Show You Ways To Ace Your Fashion Game

How To Style Your 30s: 7 Celebrities Show You Ways To Ace Your Fashion Game

Your 30s are the best time to re-visit your wardrobe! Why, you ask? After you turn 30, a lot things change (read get better) including your perspective on life. You’re sure of yourself than you’ve ever been and many of the complexes from your teens and 20s have finally faded away. So, why shouldn't your wardrobe? Take advantage of that monthly paycheck and start filling your wardrobe with essential fashion pieces that’ll never, ever get old.


10 Ways To Mature Your Wardrobe

Use this time to reflect on your fashion choices and see what percentage of your clothes are fit for what you do right now. A mature wardrobe doesn't mean you give up your entire existing closet. Try dressing in a more sophisticated fashion. You'll feel more confident and you might just discover a sartorial side you didn't know you had! That's always fun, isn't it?

Here are nine fail-proof tips courtesy the most stylish lot of 30-year-old celebrities:

Invest In Tailored Pieces

Ill-fitted clothes are never flattering. New or old, nothing looks more flattering than an outfit that sits at all the right places and curves of your body. Even the most expensive clothes can look drab if they're not tailor-made for you. And if you don't find that perfect, refined piece, get your tailor to fix it. 

Upgrade Your Outerwear


The first thing that catches the eye is the outermost layer so start paying extra attention to what you're throwing over your OOTD. Your coat or jacket is going to make or break your look since it covers a big part of your outfit. Shop for classic silhouettes and neutral colours that are evergreen and long-lasting. Exhibit A: Sonakshi Sinha! And while you are at it, give a closer look to the fabric as well. Natural fabrics like wool and cashmere have a richer look and feel compared to synthetics and leather or denim.

Make Basics Your Bae -Buy More Neutral Tones


If you don't have enough basics in your wardrobe, I'm sorry but you don't qualify as a fashionista. Basics are like a blank canvas that enables you to play with colours, accessories, and whatnot. Go for neutral colours like white, beige, brown, grey, and the likes. With solids, you can dress up or dress down any look effortlessly. Take that from Priyanka Chopra here!

And Jewel-Tones For Some Glam

All that glitters is Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan has been constantly reigning our feeds with the solid outfits from her recent outings. Right from her blue Victoria Beckham dress to her most recent Emilia Wickstead number in emerald green, she has been giving us some serious technicolour style inspiration. Nobody does jewel-tone better than MM, am I right? You can go for jewel-toned blouses to pair with trousers, if not a dress.

Silk & Satin Are The New Sexy


Add some texture play to your OOTD by throwing in some shiny silk or satin to the mix. And who better than Deepika Padukone to take wardrobe inspiration from. Take this all-black look for example. The one thing making this look singlehandedly stand out is that skirt! You see my point? Include some silk and/or satin pieces in your wardrobe and look dressed up in less.

A Good Pair Of Work Heels Go A Long Way


The best shoes take you to the best places and you don't have to overflow your shoe racks with new pairs. All it takes is one pair of sophisticated work-appropriate heels and by that, I mean closed-toe slim heels. If you don't find slim heels comfortable, feel free to opt for heeled mules. Apart from being hot in the trend charts, mules are also super comfortable and chic. Transparent heels are another option that'll complement all your outfits for all occasions. Take it from Kareena Kapoor Khan!

So Does A Sophisticated Handbag


Make your accessories count and the best way to do that is to start with a nice, sophisticated handbag. The only reason I'm pushing for neutral colour across the article is that they are that versatile! Take Sonam Kapoor's handheld bag, for example. It can go from the boardroom to the bar effortlessly because of its universal brown colour. At the same time, also pay attention to the purpose of the bag. You'll probably need a bigger handbag for work than for evening out with your gang of girls.

Stock Up On Suit Separates


Now this one has manyfold advantages. Besides pairing them together for one look, you can pair them separately and give rise to a multitude of looks. I love how Karisma Kapoor is wearing a grey checkered jacket with a black shirt dress at the airport. Likewise, you can team the trousers with a blouse or a shirt or a basic top for a smart casual look. Go for neutral colours or solids for maximum versatility.

Take Care of Your Clothes

Creases and wrinkles are an instant turn off--meeting or no meeting. Iron your clothes before wearing them and fold or hang them after taking them off. Start taking care of your clothes because when it comes to clothes all of us can use a nudge from time to time.

Featured Image: Instagram