Stay Curly! Here's How You Can Get Those Beachy Waves Without Using Any Heat

Stay Curly! Here's How You Can Get Those Beachy Waves Without Using Any Heat

People with straight hair want curly hair and people with curly hair want straight hair. Isn't this the story of our lives? So what do we do? We choose to use hair styling tools to achieve the hair we've always 'dreamed of', but that's only a temporary solution, isn't it? 

We all know that styling your hair using heat isn't the best thing as constant exposure to extreme heat makes your hair more vulnerable to damage. If you use heat on your hair frequently, you're making your hair weak and brittle with every use. And if you thought permanent straightening and styling treatments were safer, even those damage your hair if done frequently. While we all love to change up our style ever so often, wouldn't it be great if there was no heat involved?

What if we told you there are plenty of ways you can curl your hair, minus the heat. In fact, no styling tools required?!

Heatless Curls

Celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Justine Marjan has a solution we never knew we needed, especially now that salon visits have become a distant reality! We've all got to take matters in our own hands. And who doesn't appreciate a solution to hairstyling, especially when it's so easy and effortless? You know us Indians, we are suckers for jugaad.

Anyway, all you need for this hair hack is a pair of stockings or tights. 


This technique is genius, really. All you need to do is braid your damp hair with a pair of tights or stockings and let it air-dry and voila, your dreamy beachy waves are ready to be flipped.

Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Grab a Pair of Stockings Or Tights

The best time to try this hack is when your hair is damp. Keep a pair of tights or stockings handy.

Step 2: Clip The Tights

Next, clip the waistband of the tights on the top of your head. Position them in such a way that each 'leg' falls on either side of your ears. Now, part your hair down the centre. 

Step 3: Make A Classic 3-Strand Braid

Start braiding your hair on either side. Your classic 3-way braid should incorporate the stockings. At the end of your braids, tie them using a hair tye or the remaining part of the stockings.

Step 4: Get Your Beauty Sleep

Just like you do with your bad ideas, sleep on it.

You could even do this during the day while you work from home

Step 5: Time For The Big Reveal

Time to unveil your curls!

Remove the hair tie (or the end part of the stockings) slowly and run your fingers through the curls. Use a hairspray, if needed, to set your hair.

If you want tighter curls, braid your hair tightly. Alternatively, you could use 2 pairs of stockings and make 4 braids instead of 2!

And if these tips were way too out there for you, why don't you watch the tutorial instead?

Justine shared another hack to curl your hair and it is as genius as the previous one. Watch it for yourself.

Why don't you give this a shot tonight? After all, a good hair day = a good mood.

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