Keep Those Tissues Handy: 8 Beautiful Songs For Your Vidaai Ceremony

Keep Those Tissues Handy: 8 Beautiful Songs For Your Vidaai Ceremony

The hardest part of any wedding is bidding goodbye to your family. The vidaai ceremony is an emotional time that strikes a nerve with not just the bride and her family, but everyone at the shaadi. Even though no words can describe that moment, playing the right song will definitely make it extra special.

If you're all set to get married by the end of this year, then use this lockdown period to plan your wedding to the T. Not just for the bridal entry, pick a great song for your vidaai too. 

8 Beautiful Songs That Are Perfect For Your Vidaai Ceremony!

Keep those tissues handy, girls.

1. Laadki - Coke Studio Season 4

Sung by the very talented Tanishka, Kirtidan and Rekha, the lyrics of this song are a reminder that even though a daughter is married to someone else, she will always remain a little girl for her parents. 

2. Meri Laado - The Wedding Story

This beautiful song is about the pain of a father, who has to say goodbye to his little princess. Sung by Jatinder Singh, it will definitely bring tears to your eyes.

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3. Vidaai Song - Bhoomi Trivedi

Here’s a Gujarati song, sung by Bhoomi Trivedi and Parth Bharat Thakkar, where a daughter is requesting her brother to take care of their parents after she bids them goodbye. The lyrics are so beautiful that it captures the entire essence of the moment.

4. Babul - Neha Bhasin

In the beautiful voice of Neha Bhasin, this song is an ode to a bride’s father, acknowledging all that she has learnt from him.

5. Dilbaro - Raazi

Now, we know that it’s not a new song, but don’t you agree that the lyrics of this song are perfect for the vidaai ceremony? 

6. Nai Jaana - Neha Bhasin

A super popular track by Neha Bhasin, Nai Jaana is for the bride who does not want a super emotional track for the vidaai. If you haven't already, you've got to listen to it once. 

7. Laadli - AR Rahman

In the beautiful voice of Lata Mangeshkar, if you haven’t heard this amazing song by AR Rahman, you're missing out on something. We bet it'll make all your guests tear up. 

8. Kanda Kacheya Ne - Daana Paani

This song from the Punjabi movie Daana Paani is a beautiful and perfect for your vidaai. Heard it yet?

BRB, gonna go give mom dad a tight hug!

Featured Image: Instagram/Karan Sidhu Photography