25 Indian Wedding Games That Will Make Your Shaadi A Lot More Fun For You And Your Guests!

25 Indian Wedding Games That Will Make Your Shaadi A Lot More Fun For You And Your Guests!

What can a couple’s biggest nightmare be? A dull and boring wedding! Imagine what it would be like getting your mehendi applied for five hours straight without any masti and naach-gaana! We bet you would not be able to even think about it, because big fat Indian weddings are not only famous for the grandeur, but they are a lot of fun too. Couples and their families leave no stone unturned to make sure that their guests are spoiled - be it the elaborate food menu or the lavish wedding parties. Yes, we do have the traditional sangeet ceremony to dance the night away, but millennial couples prefer to add some fun and quirky games to the mix, to make their wedding unforgettable.

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    Well, the concept of wedding games isn’t new of course. From joota-chhupai to ring fishing, we’ve been witnessing Indian wedding games since forever. But adding a modern twist to everything is really important to make it interesting and fun, and that’s exactly what the brides and grooms are doing these days. TBH, wedding games can be the perfect icebreakers amidst all the guests and they’re a lot of fun too. Once you put on your thinking caps, trust us, there is no limit to what all games you can organise at your pre-wedding ceremonies. But to help you decide, we’ve put together a list of 25 fun and quirky Indian wedding games that will raise the bar for entertainment at your shaadi. Having said that, we made sure that there’s something for EVERYBODY. 

    Let’s begin!

    Indian Wedding Games For Bride and Groom

    No one should be getting bored at a wedding, especially the bride and the groom, right? We fished out some trending and fun Indian wedding games for the bride and groom that you can choose from and boy, all of them are going to be so much fun!

    The Wedding Game With Shoes!


    Popular in the west already, this game has also taken Indian weddings by storm. The concept of the game is quite simple. The bride and the groom will have to sit on the chairs facing each other’s backs. Then, they are supposed to exchange each other’s shoes to start the game (the bride should have one of hers and one of the groom’s shoes in her hand and vice versa). Now, someone has to prepare a list of fun questions like, ‘Who is the better driver?’ or ‘Who spends more money?’. If the bride and groom feel that it’s the other one who spends more, they will raise their partner’s shoe. Well, it can be the other way around as well!

    Who’s Your Bride?

    This is a game, basically for the groom, but trust us, it can be a lot of fun for everybody to watch. The groom is blindfolded and there are a bunch of 7-8 girls other than the bride. Now he has to identify his bride just by touching the hands of all the girls. Sounds like fun, right? Just imagine what’s gonna happen if he picks out the wrong girl! LOL!

    Spot The Name in Bride’s Mehendi


    Now, this is a fun wedding game for newlyweds! This is a task usually for the groom set up mysteriously by the bride. The groom has to search for his name in the bride’s mehendi-clad hands, which is very difficult at times.

    Guess The Family Member

    Well, this is a game for both bride and the groom and it can be really fun. Even if it’s a love marriage, it’s difficult to be aware of all the family members on both sides. So, we think it’s an amazing way to find out how much you know each other’s families. A great ice breaker too!

    Make Up Some Romantic Rhymes


    This game is becoming increasingly popular across weddings in India. In this game, the bride and groom have to include each other’s name in a two-liner poem, which has to rhyme as well. You can also ask other couples to join in, just for the sake of some fun!

    Indoor Indian Wedding Games

    Playing wedding games at the pre-wedding ceremonies is one of the best ways to keep your guests entertained. Even if you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a ghar ki shaadi, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Well, here are some fun indoor wedding games that your guests will just love.

    Musical Chairs

    Now, who doesn’t know about this game? Not just weddings, this is a fun game that almost every one of us has played at some point or the other. You can organise this at your mehendi and ask your guests to participate and the one who wins will obviously get a prize.



    Believe it or not, this addictive block game is becoming one of the most popular Indian wedding games. You can place them on each table for some game feels. And to personalise, you can also get your names or the wedding hashtag engraved on the blocks. Trust us, not only will your guests love it, but you will also have a keepsake.


    Honestly, karaoke is just a fancy word for antakshari, isn’t it? LOL! Jokes aside, karaoke is an activity which will act as the perfect icebreaker between the guests. Believe it or not, everybody loves to sing, even if they are a bad singer. You can probably host a karaoke sundowner brunch for one of your pre-wedding ceremonies.

    Who’s The Mithai Guru?

    We bet you have a lot of mithai masters around you! In this game, the participant will have to eat a plate full of mithai in a given time. Trust us, this one is too much fun even for those who are cheering the participants on.

    Fastest Beer First


    So every family has a fufaji or a chachaji who loves his drinks. A beer chug faceoff challenge is something that everyone would love to witness. And why just stick to the chachajis, this is a fun game for all the beer-lovers out there. You can also think of some funny punishments or dares for people who will lose the game.

    What About A Game Of Tambola?

    Tambola is one game that has to be on the list, especially when it comes to playing with the family. And what better than your mehendi brunch to play it with all your friends and the cousins who you meet like once in 2 years?

    Who Is Most Likely To?

    This Indian wedding game is going to be entertaining for all your guests. All you have to do is to give them some paddle boards with your and your partner’s face on either side of the paddleboards. Ask someone to prepare a list of fun questions and let your guests take some guesses. The questions can be as simple as ‘Who’s more likely to drive rash?’ or ‘Who is more likely to apologise after an argument?’. Believe it or not, this indoor wedding game can be a lot of fun.

    The Golgappa Challenge

    No wedding is complete without a golgappa stall! So, why not dare your guests to eat as many as they can in a given time?

    Watch: Types Of Golgappa Eaters - POPxo Comedy

    Outdoor Indian Wedding Games

    If you’re planning a pool-side brunch or an outdoor haldi ceremony, these outdoor wedding games will double it’s fun.

    Ladkiwale vs Ladkiwale: A Cricket Or A Volleyball Match


    Just like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, several couples these days are organising a game of cricket between the ladkiwale and the ladkewale. Include some personalised tees and caps and you’re good to go.

    Toss That Ring

    We all know about this game and we’ve all played it at least once in our lives. Well, for this fun wedding game, you have got to arrange some rings of cardboard or you can even make those. Keep some interesting gifts on the table and you know how it works.

    Giant Twister

    This outdoor game is one of the top Indian wedding games that people just love to play. Arrange for an oversized twister and spread it across on the floor. Pick a referee who will announce the colour along with the hand and feet you have to use while playing and every participant has to play according to that. The ones to touch their elbow or knee to the ground is out. 



    Again, this outdoor wedding game can be either organised for the guests in general or between the bride squad and the groom squad. All you need is a rope to commence the game.

    Time To Limbo

    Limbo is an outdoor wedding game which is not seen in many Indian weddings as of now but it’s definitely gaining popularity. It is a great game because you can include as many guests as you want in this one. You have to get a long stick and decorate it. Because why not! After all, it’s your wedding. Your guests will have to bend backwards and walk under the stick without touching it. While it starts from a certain height, it keeps on decreasing with every round.

    DJ Wale Babu

    Ask your DJ wale babu to play a beat and let people guess the song. Pro tip: Do it after a few drinks and trust us, everyone will love this wedding game.

    A Dance Face off


    Another one for the ladkewale vs ladkiwale thing! A dance face-off between the bride and the groom’s side doesn’t only sound fun, it is a lot of fun. This is one of the most mainstream yet engaging Indian wedding games.

    Indian Wedding Games For Couples

    We’ve put together a list of some Indian wedding games ideas that will be great for other couples attending your wedding. Take a look!

    Test Your Partner

    This wedding game for couples is all about checking compatibility! Give a pen and a piece of paper to each one of them and ask them to answer the same set of questions for each other. The questions can be ‘partner’s favourite colour’ or ‘partner’s favourite cuisine’. Well, these questions might seem really simple but trust us, many would fail at this one. LOL!

    Paper Dance


    Now, who remembers this one? Doing the cha cha cha on a paper is not something new to us, right? This is a perfect wedding game to play at your mehendi  or a sangeet after-party. Give the couples at your wedding a piece of paper on which they have to dance until the music stops. Of course, the paper will be folded into half after every song. The couple who will be dancing till the end wins the game. This can also be a great wedding game for the bride and groom.

    Saree-Tying Competition

    So, girls, you might play this one with your partner, but this is primarily for all the boys. Your partners will have to tie a saree for you while you can do nothing to help them. This one undoubtedly makes for a fun and kickass Indian wedding game ever.

    Freeze The Frame


    Freeze The Frame is a refined version of the ‘statue’ game we used to play in our childhood. In this one, the couples have to dance with their respective partners and freeze in their position as and when the music stops. Not only is this Indian wedding game for couples fun, but this will also give you some picture-perfect moments. LOL!

    (Don’t) Pop That Balloon

    This one is simple, it is fun and it is definitely not something anyone would say no to. Hand over a balloon to each couple and ask them to dance with the balloon between their foreheads. They obviously cannot touch the balloon while dancing and if it pops, the couple is out. Great game, right?

    So, which one of the fun Indian wedding games is your favourite?

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