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6 Audio Editing Apps To Create Your Sangeet Playlist While In Quarantine

6 Audio Editing Apps To Create Your Sangeet Playlist While In Quarantine

The number of positive coronavirus cases have been on the rise and right now the one thing we all want is for this pandemic to end. We’ve been locked down in our houses and some of us are getting really anxious while sitting at home. The quarantine can be tough, especially on brides-to-be. We know you had a lot to do and the preps seem to have come to a standstill. But ladies here's something you can get started on from home. 

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It’s hard to imagine a desi shaadi without a crazy sangeet night, right? Selecting the playlist is also a huge task! What you can do right now is to get your squad to send you song suggestions and get started on your playlist. We've got you six software/app suggestions to edit your wedding playlist. From looping songs to trimming them, use this time to hone your skills while also putting together the perfect playlist. 

1. Audio Joiner

From trimming a song to merging them and converting videos, you can do everything on this one website. Audio Joiner is our first choice because not only is it super easy to use, the website also gives you the option of cross-fading the songs.  

Check it out here.

2. Online Converter

This app is a well-known one that can change the formats of your files within minutes. It also has features like compressing, trimming and mixing of songs. Also, you don't have to be a wizard to work your way around it.  

Check it out here

3. Audio Trimmer

Unlike Audio Joiner, you can only trim your songs here. So, if you’re not looking at merging two songs, Audio Trimmer is the one for you. You can also play with the speed of the song... How cool is that?! 

Check it out here

4. Files Merge

As the name suggests, this software is for merging the files. You can drop as many songs as you want in one project and merge them according to your requirement. 

Check it out here.

5. Mp3Cutter

This is yet another easy to use online application to edit and merge your wedding songs. It does have an option of cross-fading the songs but make sure that the songs you want to merge are already trimmed. The app does not allow you to trim the audio tracks while you merge them.

Check it out here

6. TwistedWave

Now this one gives you a lot of options. Not only can you cross-fade your songs, but you can also experiment by reversing the audio. How cool, right? 

Check it out here

So ladies, how about getting your sangeet playlist ready while you're quarantined?! 

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