Jordan Liberty, LA's Most Sought-After MUA Opens Up About His Accidental Career In Beauty

Jordan Liberty, LA's Most Sought-After MUA Opens Up About His Accidental Career In Beauty

One of the most proficient and passionate beauty mavens on the 'Gram today is Jordan Liberty. With a growing Insta family of 280k and 475k subscribers on Youtube, Jordan Liberty is one the most sort-after MUA's in LA! Keeping makeup aside, Jordan is also an educator, creative director and photographer. So far, Jordan has visited about 21 countries and has hosted plenty of professional makeup masterclasses on his international beauty tours. In fact, it was through social media that Jordan was able to globalise his career and express his love for makeup. 

In Conversation With Jordan Liberty

In our interview with Jordan, he talks at length about the beauty industry, his personal challenges in the field of makeup and the trends we're going to spot EVERYWHERE in 2020! Let's get scrollin', shall we?

1. What made you want to become a makeup artist? How did you make your way to the beauty industry?

"I’ve always had a love of portrait art, photography, and fashion. It actually happened completely by accident when the makeup artist didn’t show up at a shoot I was at. Suddenly I was applying makeup...and it stuck!"

2. What is the biggest challenge / most challenging phase of your career?

"My struggle with illness. I went through cancer twice — right as my career hit full swing. I had to sit back and watch opportunities pass by, it was awful. I stayed positive about it, but it was difficult."

3. A makeup trend we're going to see EVERYWHERE in 2020?

"Colour! Pops of neon, coloured liner, and even jewel-toned mascaras. Colour dominated the catwalks and you’ll absolutely see it reflected in beauty retailers. The key this year is to isolate the colour over an otherwise nude palette - with a single swipe of blue liner or a bold fuchsia lip taking centre stage."

4. This is your first time in India, right? Tell us the biggest difference you see in the way our technique of doing makeup is different from yours and a beauty trend you think would look fab on Indian skin?

"With social media, beauty trends are so global now — it’s so rare for me to see something truly new! I was more surprised at how many of my techniques are appreciated in India. I will say that I find Indian makeup looks to err on the side of enhancing softer, more feminine features rather than the very typical chiselled American contoured look. The real beauty with makeup is that there’s no real trend that would look good on all Indian skin or white skin or black skin — it’s become so personal and individual!"

5. Can you tell us one thing that no one tells you about the makeup industry?

"How business-savvy you need to be in order to succeed. Talent is only a small part of the gig. Knowing how to build a thriving business is something rarely mentioned to new artists, which is why I strive to have an open discussion about the business of beauty in all of my masterclasses."

6. If you had to pick only 3 products to do a full face of makeup, what would they be?

"Lipstick (which can also be used as blush when applied with fingertips), mascara, and highlighter (that can also be used as shadow). I love multi-use products!"

7. What is your favourite makeup product?

"As much as it used to intimidate me to apply, I love eyeliner — especially graphic designs and ornate patterns. I even use gel eyeliner to faux microblade the brows by applying with a sharp angle brush."

8. Name 5 makeup artists that inspire you

We ♥ you, Jordan! We hope that your passion for makeup becomes stronger with every passing day and you continue to influence, teach and inspire budding MUA's and beauty enthusiasts around the globe!

Images: Instagram

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