7 Wedding Choreographers To Follow On Instagram To Win The Ladkiwale Vs Ladkewale Battle!

7 Wedding Choreographers To Follow On Instagram To Win The Ladkiwale Vs Ladkewale Battle!

Gone are the days when a sangeet night just meant the ladies of your house grooving to the beats of the dholak. Sangeet ceremony, now, is one of the biggest functions when it comes to desi weddings, and personally my favourite. It’s the night to let your hair loose and dance your hearts out. After all, what’s an Indian shaadi without a lot of naach gaana

I love it when the bride's parents groove to the latest tracks or when the groom surprises everyone with a dance performance. The best, of course, is when the bridesmaids make their way to the stage! But to kill it on the dance floor, you need a lot of practice and that’s where the choreographers come in. I’ve handpicked some of the best wedding choreographers on Instagram who will help you ace your performance and win that ladkiwale vs ladkewale battle.

7 Wedding Choreographers You Need To Follow On Instagram RN!

Brides-to-be, bookmark this list.

1. The ECDC Wedding Choreography

With 40K followers on Instagram, they sure are quite popular on social media. From fun performances with the chaddi buddies to an emotional father-bride dance, they specialise in turning the sangeet ceremony into a night of fun and frolic.

Follow The ECDC Wedding Choreography here

2. More Than Thumkas

This wedding choreography studio by Prabhu Kumar is based out of Delhi. With over 5 years of experience, the More Than Thumkas team can help you plan and prepare a sangeet night of your dreams. One look at their Insta and you know they are the ones behind a number of viral performances!

Follow More Than Thumkas here

3. YSDC Wedding Choreography

Be it a themed performance or a bridal solo, the YellowStripe Dance Co will put their heart and soul to make your sangeet night a memorable one. FYI, they travel around the world, so NRI brides, take note. 

Follow YSDC Wedding Choreography here

4. Happy Feet For You

The husband-wife due of Happy Feet For you, Eshan and Sanjana, are amazing dancers themselves and follow the philosophy of keeping it simple. If you're looking for fun and easy-to-follow choreographies for your sangeet night, they are your go-to people. 

Follow Happy Feet For You here

5. Anusha Wedding Choreography

Run by Anusha Sahney and Zoya Bhushan, they specialise in concept sangeets. You’ll also find some superb solo bridal performances through their Instagram feed and they are all the inspiration you need.  

Follow Anusha Wedding Choreography here

6. Choreography By Maheema

If you wanna do something different, then this is the place to be. They specialise in Latin dance forms such as Salsa and Bachata, so you can add a Latin touch to your sangeet night even if you are dancing on a Bollywood number!

Follow Choreography By Maheema here

7. Foram Shah Choreography

Whether it is a romantic dance performance with your bae or a fun one with your bridesmaids, FS Choreography will help you kill it with the dance moves.  

Follow Foram Shah Choreography here

So, what are you waiting for? Follow them already!

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