From Friends To Frozen, Twin Sisters Give Fictional Looks Their Own Vintage Spin

From Friends To Frozen, Twin Sisters Give Fictional Looks Their Own Vintage Spin

Recreating looks is so much fun, especially if you love taking inspiration from fictional characters and experiment with different styles. It gives a much-needed refresh to your everyday closet, doesn't it? But what sucks the joy out of recreating looks is the inability to find the exact same stuff or even something similar, at times. That's a turn off right there! Except for the twin sisters, Danielle and Nicole.

The UK-based twins love playing dress-up and their oh-so-chic Instagram, @BettyBerry, is proof that anyone can nail literally any celebrity or character look with just a little bit of perspective. Danielle and Nicole found it in their grandmothers' dressing sense, that we know as 'vintage', to recreate any look from extravagant Disney fairytales, cartoons to beloved characters like Harry Potter and Chandler Bing.

All they do is translate the colours in their everyday clothes that they own, and et voilà, you have a whole new look there! That's not that difficult now, is it? So, here's how you can recreate popular looks like Danielle and Nicole using clothes from your own hoard.

Frozen - Elsa & Anna ARE Real!

Elsa and Anna from Frozen gave us beautiful braid hairstyles and dreamy gowns that we just can't 'let it go'. Daniella and Nicole here converted them into simple jeans and top OOTDs, and we can't believe we can officially walk around as Elsa and Anna without tripping and all those judgy looks.


For Elsa, team your blue jeans with a white sheer top layered with a light blue lace or velvet top, cinch a jewelled belt around your waist and complete the look with accessories as you like. For Anna, get your classic blue jeans to work with an embellished black top over a lighter blue high-neck. Throw over a magenta jacket to complete the look.

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Of course, they didn't forget their looks from Frozen II. For Elsa, pair your blue jeans with a  blue blouse in a slightly lighter hue and complete the look with a jewelled belt. If you don't have one, you can simply go for an oxidized buckle belt or no belt. For Anna, put your old black jeans to good use by pairing them with a black top over a mustard high-neck. Complete it with a purple coat, belt and boots.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Could They BE Anymore 90s?


Phoebe and Ursula were twin sisters who didn't get along but their style was what kept the Buffays connected. Danielle and Nicole are twin sisters who do get along and we can't say otherwise for their style. Would you wear Phoebe's orange overcoat with a printed skirt or Ursula's black turtleneck with jeans?

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There can never be a Chandler without a Joey or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S dress-up party without a lot of 90s in it. Take cues from the 'best buds' and pair your beige trousers with a pastel green tee for Chandler, and jeans with a navy blue tee for Joey.

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The Powerpuff Girls - Saviours Of Stripesville

Leave it to the Powerpuff Girls and Danielle and Nicole to save you from boring fashion. I love how the twins recreated each look with stripes. For instance, how effortless it is to get Buttercup's look with a green striped tee and black jeans? Badassery! And Blossom's red and pink colour play is so easy. It's my favourite one of all. Not to forget Bubbles' blue striped tee with a mini skirt. Cute as a button! You see how easy it is to become a superhero?

Harry Potter And The Stylish Outfits


It's sad that not a lot of cosplay happens around Harry Potter (except for Bellatrix, everyone wants to be Bellatrix!), but the twins made my day with their Harry and Ron from the first time they met. Iconic scene, iconic outfits. Dudley's hand-me-downs on Harry mark effortless oversized style (so raid your brother or boyfriend's closet) and Ron's casual wear is always a retro retreat. Exhibit A: that coat with spread collars. *Style Maxima*

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Pooh & Piglet Are More Than #FriendshipGoals


Coloured denim is one trend that deserves space on your shelf. Whether you love jeans or not, they fit in every kind of wardrobe. And while you're at it, go for one in pink because pink is Poo-approved and another one in yellow because yellow is Pooh-approved. All you need is a red crop top now to Win(nie) the summer. Also, how awesome is their Piglet? Pink stripes strike again!

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Disney Princesses Are Ever So Dreamy

The Little Mermaid or the Sleeping Beauty, whatever's your mood, the twin sisters have an outfit for you that you can actually wear somewhere. Trust a purple off-shoulder top for Ariel's seashells, a dungaree or a blue maxi dress for Belle's look and a blue skirt or tulle for Cinderella. Swipe to see how to recreate Aurora, Snow White and Tinker Bell's looks with denim or corduroy.

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What's more? You can buy these outfits at their website that ships worldwide and is a planet-friendly initiative. Their designs are sustainably and ethically brought to life by their team which, BTW, operates out of India! "These skilled tailors make all our creations by hand with materials that have minimal environmental impact, all while receiving a fair wage," says their website. Now that's amazing news!

Disney Villains With A Vintage Twist

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's stylish of them all? How can you hate villains when their outfits have so much class and sass?! Our favourites from the carousel above are Maleficent with her stockings and slit skirt, Captain Hook with his red rage, and Evil Queen with her tiny details. Most of these are simple to recreate, all you have to do is look into your closet.

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Home Alone (And How!)

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Curses on me for never thinking of dressing-up like Kevin McAllister from Home Alone for Halloween. It's classic, it's a cult, and it's super-easy to recreate too! All you need is a pullover, baggy pants and a can-do attitude 'coz the kid could do everything. So, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

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