Want Your Kind Of Shaadi? 7 Tips To Deal With In-Laws During Wedding Planning!

Want Your Kind Of Shaadi? 7 Tips To Deal With In-Laws During Wedding Planning!

If it’s a love marriage for you, there is a high possibility that you already know your in-laws well, but if it's an arranged set up, you will have difficulties adjusting into the new set of your family members. But before worrying about that, what scares most brides is how to handle their future in-laws while planning the wedding. Well, your concern is totally reasonable and we understand that.

Planning your dream shaadi can be pretty stressful and with your future family having their own set of expectations, it can get even more daunting. But don’t fret, we are giving you some tips on how to handle your in-laws while planning your wedding that will come in handy during the process.

7 Tips On How To Deal With In-Laws' Expectations While Planning Your Wedding!

‘Coz, it’s YOUR wedding, not theirs!

1. Keep Your Cool


Your in-laws will certainly have some expectations of how their bete ki shaadi should look like. And it’s fine. But always remember that you don’t have to give in to all their demands, just because they will be your new family soon. After all, it’s all your special day and it should be planned according to your needs. Therefore, it’s very important to stay calm and be patient. Snapping at them won’t help, it will just complicate things further.

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2. Manage It Right

Once you condition yourself to stay calm during the wedding planning, you have to come up with ways which can be satisfactory to you and them. That will happen only if you have a smooth and seamless relationship with your in-laws. The courtship period is the best time, not only with your would-be husband but also to bond with your in-laws. You can get an idea of what they're thinking and even let them know what you're planning. 

3. Be Vocal About Your Preferences

Do not forget that it’s your big day and you have all the right to plan it your way. Therefore, do not hesitate to communicate your preferences to them. Don’t be afraid to do so and politely tell them how you’ve been thinking of doing it. Be firm on your decision but always be open to suggestions.

4. Involve Your Fiancé


Well, unless you’re Monica to your Chandler and have asked him to stay away from the wedding planning, there is a possibility that your fiancé is already very much involved in everything. Make sure you guys are on the same page and let him deal with his parents over matters that are too complicated or sensitive.

5. Agree To Disagree

Start discussing your wedding plans early on. Everyone will have expectations and it’s very important that all the expectations are laid down clearly from the beginning so that everyone can agree to a solution or a compromise. If there’s no solution, then you and your in-laws will have to agree to disagree and come up with an alternate plan.

6. Work Together

Even though you want your shaadi to be your way and you have all the right to do so, make sure that you all work together. Keeping the peace between you and your in-laws is important too.

7. Understand That Not Everyone Knows They’re Crossing Boundaries


You have to be firm yet respectful while communicating your concerns to your in-laws. Understand that not everyone's parents know that they’re overstepping their bounds, so don’t be rude to the people who raised the man you’re about to marry. On the other hand, don’t feel guilty too. 

To all the brides-to-be who are stressed out about dealing with their in-laws when it comes to wedding planning, hope this helps.

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