Planning A Destination Wedding? 15 Little Things You Might Ignore, But Shouldn't

Planning A Destination Wedding? 15 Little Things You Might Ignore, But Shouldn't

After looking at Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's dreamy wedding, I was sure I wanted to get married in the rustic locales of Tuscany, but then I saw the intimate DeepVeer wedding and I am convinced that Lake Como is perfect for me. Of course, I understand that a wedding of that scale that too in a different time zone requires a whole lot of planning.

So, if you're planning a destination wedding too, we've listed down all the important things you should keep in mind. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Planning An Overseas Wedding

All it takes is a little extra pre-planning!

Check The Number Of Daily Flights To The Location You're Picking

You've got to check the number of daily flights from the place most of your guests are coming from. This is because if there are only one or two flights, that means they'll have to spend a great deal on the air tickets. Lesser flight options also make planning the trip more complicated and can result in a lot of guests opting out of the wedding celebrations. 

Check Flight Timings Before Deciding The Functions

This is to understand what time the majority of the guests will be coming in. If the place you're picking only has afternoon or evening flights, the first function should be a late evening or night function.

Make Sure Your Guests Know The Flow Of Events

Make sure your guests know the flow of events. This is essential for a destination wedding because otherwise guests can be left confused. Share a schedule with the function, timing and venue beforehand and also make it a part of the welcome kit. 

Keep A Few Site Inspections In Your Budget

You can't just arrive at your wedding location a few days before the D-day and expect the show to run smoothly. You'll have to make 2-3 trips in the months leading to your wedding to finalise vendors, plan your entry etc. Keep this in mind when you're planning your wedding budget. 

Decide If You're Booking The Entire Resort Or A Part Of It

This completely depends on the size of the resort and the number of wedding guests you're expecting. If you aren't booking the entire property, then make sure to ask the resort if any large groups are staying in the hotel at the same time. You don't want the pool or the lounging area to be filled with unknown people. 

Send Out Invites Well In Advance

Invitations for destination weddings should be sent at least three months in advance and you have to ask people to RSVP. There's no point in wasting your money by booking more rooms than required. You can even send out e-invites beforehand if you want to send the physical invite later.

Factor In Currency Exchange & Jet Lag

The currency exchange rate is essential because only then will you get a realistic picture of how much you're spending. You also have to factor in jet lag if the destination is too far and people need some rest before the party begins. 

Pick Out Local Party Favours

So your guests remember your shaadi and the destination it took place in, opt for souvenirs as the wedding favour. If you're planning your D-day in Italy, a bottle of wine may be nice. You can even go with local spices, teas, honey to give to your guests as you bid them goodbye. 

Make It A Comfortable Stay

You've got to make sure that your guests enjoy a comfortable stay if they're coming all the way to attend your special day. You'll need to make arrangments for their salon needs and clothes ironing. If you're calling a hair and makeup artist for the guests, then dedicate a room for the same. A fruit basket should be a part of every room for random food cravings. 

Excess Baggage Can't Be Avoided

All your Indian outfits are not going to fit in the airline limit. They're puffy, heavy and occupy a lot of space. Pay for excess baggage when you're booking your tickets, it's cheaper than paying on the spot. 

Keep The Guest List Intimate

This is the most important thing to do when you're planning a destination wedding because you can't possibly invite everyone you know. Have an intimate affair and limit the guests to about 200 people tops. You can always throw a reception in your home city for all the others.

Don't Spend Too Much On Decor

The whole point of a destination shaadi is that the venue is naturally gorgeous. You can cut down on the decor and let the natural beauty of the place shine through. Plus, it saves on the money too!

A Plan B Is Essential

Yes, a sunset wedding will look gorgeous but you've got to have an indoor venue as a back up in case of unfavourable weather conditions. Do check with the resort and/or your wedding planner on how they handle such situations. 

Don't Forget To Plan Meals Throughout The Day

It's not just about the wedding functions, you will have to cater to all the guests' breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. You can even plan a cosy welcome brunch for your guests as they arrive because this may be the only time you'll get to hang out with them informally.

Don't Sweat The Small Things

Things may go wrong, but things can go wrong in a hometown wedding too. Just keep calm and enjoy your big day without fussing over the little stuff. As far as you have your near and dear ones with you, nothing else should matter.  

You've got this girl, you're going to make the prettiest bride, just flash everyone that million-dollar smile.

Featured Image Credits: Kapture Studio Instagram and The Photo Diary By Monisha

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