Went To Sleep With Your Makeup On? Here's What You Must Do When You Wake Up!

Went To Sleep With Your Makeup On? Here's What You Must Do When You Wake Up!

Let’s play a game of *never have I ever,* okay?

I’ll go first, “Never have I ever slept with my makeup on.”

Did I see you taking a ‘virtual’ sip? 😲

Gurrrl, why?

Okay, nobody panic. What’s done is done. You’ve committed a cardinal sin in the world of beauty - sleeping with your makeup on. Perhaps you were too tired to wipe off all those makeup products from your face and now you're probably wondering what's the worst that can happen, right? 

For starters, the makeup is clogging your pores and probably having a gala time with all the bacteria nesting in there.

It might cause inflammation, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and who knows what else. Now, instead of giving you more frightful shocks, let us tell you all the ways in which you can reverse the damage you've just done. But before we do, please make sure you wash your pillow covers. 

Time To Wakeup And Reverse The Skin Damage

Went to sleep with your makeup on? You're probably freaking out in the anticipation of the zits to come, right? Don't fret it. Here’s what to do when you wake up. Follow these steps and you can reverse any potential skin damage.

Double Trouble

Double cleanse, immediately. Go, get up and cleanse your face. Use micellar water, a cleansing balm or any makeup remover of your choice. Follow this up with a deep cleansing face wash. 

Once you're done cleansing, you can use a toner. This step is optional, especially if you plan to use a chemical exfoliant and a mask after. 

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Try chemical exfoliation or chemical peels with ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs or fruit enzymes that’ll help go deep into your pores and get rid of any impurities in there. This will also restore your skin’s natural glow and will help get rid of any existing pimples and blackheads. If you don't have a chemical exfoliant at home, you've got to read this.

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Mask It

Now that you’ve rigorously cleaned your face, it’s time to put on a mask to calm down your face or calm down any form of skin irritation. Choose a face mask according to your skin type, apply a thin layer, keep it for 10-15 mins and rinse off.

Opt for a mask with honey, aloe vera, shea butter or glycerin for intense hydration. If you’re feeling a little generous today, slap on a sheet mask and let it work its magic. Remove the sheet mask after 20 minutes, and massage the serum on your face and the remaining serum in the packet on your neck.

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Massage Your Face

Time to let that blood flow going! Use a facial massager to massage your face. Apply 2-3 drops of facial oil and keep rollin’. Use an electric massager or a jade roller and be prepared as a glowing new you awaits you.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind to ensure that #BadSkinDays are a thing of your past.

- Make sure you do not wash your face using warm water, just cold water
- Avoid using products that have alcohol in them.
- Always apply SPF, on your face, neck, and lips. Yes, even under makeup.
- Drink loads of water. Try detox water recipes to release toxins from the body.
- Eat more greens, drink juice, reduce the consumption of alcohol and sugary treats if your skin is breaking out 

PS: I know what you did last night.

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