25 Questions To Ask A Wedding Caterer Before You Book Them For Your Big Day

25 Questions To Ask A Wedding Caterer Before You Book Them For Your Big Day

I know how brides want to be involved in everything related to their wedding. And why not! After all, it’s your day and you must have had some special plans for it. I, too, was a part of every single decision during my wedding preps. But what I was most concerned about was the food at my wedding. Well, desi shaadis are all about the food. So much so, that you know that no Sabyasachi lehenga or the stunning decor is going to get you as many compliments as the food at your shaadi. But unlike other things, choosing a caterer can be the most difficult task while you’re planning your wedding. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of questions that you must ask a caterer before finalising him/her.

25 Questions You Must Ask A Caterer Before Taking The Final Call!


Wedding trends are evolving over time and so is the food served at shaadis. So, here’s a list of questions that you must ask a caterer to make an informed choice.

1. Are You Available On The Desired Dates?

Needless to say, you must ask the caterer if he/she is available on the dates you need them.

2. How Many Weddings Do You Have To Cater To That Day?

Do ask him if he/she has another wedding to cater to that day. The peak shaadi season can be crazy. Even though this doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker by any means, but you want to be sure that they are giving their full attention to your event and not taking on more than they can handle. 

3. How Many Weddings Have They Catered?

You, obviously, would like to know the kind of experience they have.

4. Have You Worked At My Venue Before?

Believe me, this is kind of an important one. If they’ve worked at the venue before, not only will they know what works well in the space, the food service is likely to have fewer or no mishaps.

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5. Can I Taste The Food?


If you’ve had the food served by them, you probably already have an idea about their taste and their presentation. If not, it’s crucial to taste the food in advance. Also, do get clarity if there's an additional cost for tasting.

6. Is The Menu Fixed Or Flexible?

Caterers might offer you a package you like, but, sometimes, you would want to include or exclude some of the dishes. Do ask them if they have a fixed menu or it can be customised according to your likes.

7. Do You Have A Liquor License?

Make sure you clarify this beforehand. Ask him if he has a liquor license and more specifically if he will provide the liquor. If your caterer doesn’t have the license, you have to get everything in place as far as drinks are concerned. Do ask them about the corkage charges if you are providing your own alcohol.

8. Will You Supply The Wedding Cake?

No wedding can be complete without a wedding cake. So, ask your wedding caterer if he/she will be able to provide the cake. 

9. Will You Provide The Table Settings?

Some caterers provide the table setting but others require tentwalas to do it for them. Therefore, make sure that you ask the caterer beforehand.

10. Will You Be Present At The Venue?


Ensure that the person you’re meeting with is available at the venue. Sometimes the catering companies have huge teams and instead of the owner, they assign people to handle weddings. Make sure that you meet the one, who will actually be present at your shaadi.

11. What Are The Different Packages & What All Do They Include?

It’s very important to know all the packages they offer so that you can pick out the best one suited for you. Do not forget to ask them what all is included in the package. Also, ask about the exclusions to avoid any confusion at the last moment.

12. What Do You Suggest About The Menu?

I know you must be having your own requirements, but do take suggestions from the caterer as he is the field expert.

13. What Is The Minimum Guarantee You Need?

You need to provide your caterer with a minimum guarantee when it comes to the number of people attending the wedding. Figure that out and ask him when can you tell him the headcount.

14. Is Your Staff Well-Trained & What Will They Wear On The Wedding Day?

Though this seems like a no-brainer, you must ask him/her if the staff is well-trained. Do ask the caterer about how many servers will he provide and what will they wear at the wedding.

15. Will You Be Accommodating Vendor Meals?

Don’t forget that your on-site vendors need to eat, so make sure you ask the caterer if he/she will be accommodating their meals. If yes, how much will it cost? Also, ask if they provide any meal boxes for drivers/domestic helps who will be at your wedding.

16. Where Will You Prepare The Food?

Ask him/her about where he is planning to prepare the food. You will have to make arrangements if the caterer is planning to prepare the food at the venue itself.

17. Will I Need Any Special Permits For My Event?

The caterer will have to bring in truck loads of food and preparation equipment to your event. Do ask him in advance if you will have to arrange for some special permits for the day. If yes, will he/she help in obtaining them?

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18. Will You Give Me A Written Contract?

Ask him if there will be a written contract. If yes, by when will you receive it?

19. How Much Deposit Do You Require?


Make sure you ask him about the amount of deposit they require to make the booking.

20. How Much In Advance Do I Need To Book You?

This is extremely important to know as you don’t wanna run out of your options just because you weren’t able to decide in time. 

21. What Is The Mode Of Payment?

Cheque or cash, it's important for you to know about the mode of payment.

22. What Are Your Water & Electricity Needs?

Ask them if he/she wants you to arrange for their water or electricity needs as you will have to manage everything beforehand.

23. What Time Will You & Your Staff Arrive At The Site?

Make sure you know about the time the caterer and staff will arrive at the site so that you can arrange a person to go to the venue to supervise them.

24. What Do You Do With The Leftover Food?

The last thing you would want is for all the leftover to be dumped in a dustbin. Do ask your caterer about what they do with leftovers. If they do not have a proper plan in place, you can get in touch with Feeding India to ensure the food from your wedding reaches the needy. 

25. What Is Their Policy For Clean Up?

Several couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings these days to do their bit to save mother nature. Therefore, do ask the caterer what his/her plans to clean up after the wedding are. 

We hope this list helps!

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