M.A.C, E.L.F & More: The Full Form & Meaning Of These Makeup Brands Will Surprise You!

M.A.C, E.L.F & More: The Full Form & Meaning Of These Makeup Brands Will Surprise You!

Since we're all quarantined, here's a fun #BeautyGame for you. Call up your BFF and ask her what's the full form of her fave makeup brand, M.A.C Cosmetics (yes, it's an acronym for something). Forget her, did you know the full form?

You might be a beauty wizard when it comes to the application of makeup or what a certain type of product does but what about the knowledge behind the names of some of these brands?

We all own at least one M.A.C Lipstick and probably a few from the drugstore brand, NYX Cosmetics. But do we know their full forms? Here are a few famous makeup & beauty brands that you probably didn't know are short for something.

We bet some of these will take you by surprise!


M.A.C Cosmetics actually started out as a 'professional' makeup line for stage shows and plays. Because of its quality, amazing colour payoff and impressive shade range, it became an instant hit. So, it should come as no surprise that our favourite go-to lipstick brand MAC Cosmetics is actually short for...

*drum rolls please*


Makeup Art Cosmetics. Who knew?


GHD literally means Good Hair Day- saywhaaaat?

GHD's hair tools are widely used across the globe because of its impeccable quality. And as the short form says it all, you'll always have a good hair day with GHD tools.

e.l.f Cosmetics

I have no idea when this super-affordable brand would be available in India but I know one thing for sure, it is one of the most sort-out after makeup brands that offer quality makeup at a very happy price. It is short for the products offered by the brand that you can apply on your eyes, lips, and face; e.l.f- get it?

Simple yet mindblowing!

Ciaté London

Yes, this is the brand behind the innovative glitter flip liquid lipsticks! Ciaté London is a fancy brand that's actually an acronym for "Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend, and Extraordinary."- yup, try fitting that on a tiny label stamp!


The famous French cult brand, NUXE is not an acronym but a combination of the words, *natural and luxury*. Honestly, it fits perfectly!


If you've ever had a boujee gel manicure, there's a 100% chance that your manicurist used O.P.I nail polishes. But this super loved brand's full form as nothing to do with the world of beauty, in fact, it's not even remotely close to it.

Odontorium Products Inc. is the actual full-form, no kidding. Originally, O.P.I was geared towards the dental supply industry until Suzi Weiss-Fischmann came on board. Together, they worked with biochemist R. Eric Montgomery to create an acrylic system, which catered to the local nail salons.


SK-II is actually short for Secret Key II. The brand's unique name came about when its founders noticed that the hands of the elderly workers working in a sake brewery were super soft and looked very young. The ingredient in the sake is responsible for it. So they patented it out and incorporated into all of SK-II's formulas. What was that secret ingredient? It is believed to be *pitera*.


Funnily enough, NYX isn't an abbreviation for anything at all but it's a nod to NYX, the Greek goddess of the night.

How many of these did you know?

Time to call your bestie and quiz her on this. Make most of this time, na?

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