#NaughtyTimesAhead: Here's How You Can Initiate Sex If Your Hubby's Been Too Busy For It!

#NaughtyTimesAhead: Here's How You Can Initiate Sex If Your Hubby's Been Too Busy For It!

Who initiates sex in the relationship is a more important question than we give it credit. It's essential to understand this because you and your husband don't want to get in the rut of only him initiating lovemaking. That pattern can become really boring! Now I know that many people may think that most of the time no one really initiates it because it starts with kissing and snuggling and before you know it the zips are being opened and the clothes are coming off. Oh, and the noises are getting louder...

But when you look at it, someone always does initiate it. Whether it's leaning in for that tiny peck or kissing on the neck while you're spooning. If you feel like it's always him or if he's been too caught up with work to initiate it, we've got full-proof tips on how you can make your intentions clear ;)

Here Are 8 Tips For You To Initiate Sex With Your Hubby

Ladies, your turn to lock the door (or leave it open, as you like it) and get your sexy diva personality out.

Show All Your Enthusiasm


Many times people miss out on the hints you drop so showing your enthusiasm can be a big turn on. After dinner, instead of saying 'I'm going to bed' if you say 'Let's go to bed baby' it'll show that you're actually interested in having sex. This is sometimes the first step when you're nervous about your sexual needs- admitting to yourself and to him that you actually want to get down and dirty.


Don't Overthink It

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own head that we ditch the idea before even giving it a try. If you too start thinking about things like you've to wake up early, are you really in the mood? Put those thoughts away and make your move girl. Kiss him sensually on the neck or nibble on his ears, trust us, you'll get him really excited for you. 

Know What You Like And Ask For It

Sexual repression in our country is a massive problem. Women grow up believing that it is bad to want sex and act on their sexual needs. Well, if it's between two consenting adults then it's obviously not. Your husband is probably the only man who knows you inside and out and who knows just which button to press to get you screaming in pleasure. You should be the same for him. Know what you like in bed- read erotica, watch dirty videos and masturbate- that's one way you can truly understand what you like and where you want to be touched. Once you've figured that, talk to him if you want to spice it up in the bedroom. If dominance or submission is something you want to explore, sit him down and have an open conversation with him. Even after that, it'll take trial and error to find your own rhythm together.

Dress The Part


Slip into a lacy corset or put on those fishnet stockings under your clothes and give your husband a peek. You can either do this before you leave the house so that he's dreaming of you all day or when you've just come home so that he won't be able to resist getting his hands all over you. If you know his favourite fetish you can even dress up as a character and role play. Teacher-student, patient-nurse, you know what I'm talking about.


Play Masseuse

The whole thing of a 'happy ending' massage is a huge turn on for some men so play it out at home. Offer to give him a backrub, use lots of oil and then sloooowly let your hand slip into places and crevices that you want to. Sensually reaching up to his inner thigh and teasing him by touching but not touching enough.  

A Naughty Text Will Make Him Go Crazy

Send your husband a text from work when you know he's finishing up for the day to give him a little sneak peek of what's waiting for him. You can find your words with something like- come find me when you get home, I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom or with a sexy picture of a low neck bra and your cleavage on display. Put on red lipstick and leave your face out to make it even more sensual.


Make It Easier For Him


Your body language can speak more than words. Wink at him during dinner, slowly lick your lips sensually and make sure he's looking right at you when you're doing it or go sit on his lap and lightly bite his cheek, he'll understand what you want for sure. You can even leave your fave sex toy on the bed with an 'oops, don't know why it's there' innocent look.

Wake Him Up With Some Kisses Down Under

Waking up to your kisses can be a great way to start his day. Rouse him with some licks and kisses on his neck and cheek and if you're feeling adventurous, even on his inner thighs. This is if you're shy to do it while his eyes are on you, showing him some appreciation while he's resting may be a great way to explore a spicier time in bed.

Get ready to have those toe-curling orgasms, yassss!

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