15 Cute Fashion Illustrations That Have 'Relatable AF' Written All Over Them

15 Cute Fashion Illustrations That Have 'Relatable AF' Written All Over Them

Do you also wonder that the everyday struggles you face, maybe others also do? Or is it just me? Because it happens to me all the time! If my bra strap keeps sliding sideways, I end up wondering if someone else also struggles with the same. Another example, I keep wearing the same pyjamas over and over because I don't know why I only see those PJs whenever I open my cupboard. Does that happen with you too? High-5!

People keep saying that fashion is subjective all the time. But, in reality, it's not fashion that makes us unique. It's our style, right? Our fashion struggles, at the end of the day, are all the same. And it's not just me saying this. All the super-cool illustrators of Instagram agree and so do the hundreds and thousands of likes and comments on their comics.

If you are feeling alone, especially during these tough times of self-isolation because of the Coronavirus pandemic, here are some of my favourite fashion illustrations that will make you feel more connected to the rest of the world than ever. Yup, that's how relatable and 'you' they are! Scroll for some happiness...

Fashion Illustrations That Are Relatable AF!

Screenshot them, send to friends, or print and hang in your room, each of these illustrations is sure to make you say, 'OMG! Me too!' out loud!

The Right One Is Forever Mood Lately

Couple That PJs Together, Stays Together

Thank God Winter's Gone

Especially With Gowns & Maxis, WTH!

Literally Me At Forever 21

So Much For Lingerie With Sex Appeal

Fun Slippers FTW!

There's ACTUALLY No In Between

You & Me Both, Sister

And Just Like That, Puff, Gone

You Mean Our T-shirt?

Guess, Summer Ain't That Easy Either

Seriously, What Is Your Problem With Our Clothes Having Damn Pockets?

Sorry, Not Sorry!

I Mean, What's The Point? It's Not April Fool's Day!

Featured Image: Instagram