This Surprise Proposal Complete With Band, Baaja & Baraat Is Every Girl's Dream!

This Surprise Proposal Complete With Band, Baaja & Baraat Is Every Girl's Dream!

Admit it ladies, we've all dreamt of a romantic wedding proposal at least once in our lives. Some like it elaborate and in front of the whole world, while others like it to be an intimate affair. Not like it changes how much we love our man, but a little extra attention never hurt anyone! We recently came across one such wedding proposal of Bhavini Purohit.

Bhavini, who shot to fame for her performance in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, recently got engaged to blogger and Mumbai-based businessman Dhaval Dave. Even though it was an arranged marriage set up and they were rokafied last year, Dhaval planned to surprise the love of his life with an adorable and full-on filmy proposal.


Dhaval, along with his entire family, danced to Salman Khan songs and it was the sweetest thing ever. He took to Instagram to share the video shot by Click Click by Yaash Jain. Talking about how he managed to hide the surprise from Bhavini, Dhaval wrote, “I would lie to her that I have to visit a client and hence I can't take you along and I will be back the moment my meeting is over...Well, the truth is that I would run to my home and practice the dance with my choreographer”. He further added that he had been wanting to do something out of the box for Bhavini, something that she would never expect. 

And then came the day he had been waiting for! On the day of the proposal, with the ghodi, band, baaja and baraat waiting for them, he managed to get Bhavini at a villa where everything was already set up. Dhaval danced on Tenu Leke Me Jaavanga and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and left Bhavini absolutely shocked. Watch the video here:

Aww! Isn’t this the best version of a filmy proposal you’ve ever seen?

Bhavini, too, shared the video on her Insta feed and wrote that she cannot wait to start their journey together. 

All the love to Bhavini and Dhaval! 

Featured Image: Instagram