bA Step-By-Step Guide On Tweezing Your Eyebrows At Home & Avoiding Complete Disaster!

bA Step-By-Step Guide On Tweezing Your Eyebrows At Home & Avoiding Complete Disaster!

Whenever anyone asks me how to tweeze brows at home, I always advise them not to. Your eyebrows lady knows exactly what to do with them and its best to let an expert deal with them. And you wouldn't want them to end up like Joey's overly-tweezed brows in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, right?


Yup, definitely wouldn't want that!

Tweezing your brows is just a disaster waiting to happen. But since we're all trapped at home for 3 excruciating weeks, thanks to coronavirus and the lockdown, I'm going to show you exactly how it's done.

How To Tweeze Your Brows At Home

Here's how you can tweeze your brows today, without making a disastrous change to your appearance.

Clean Your Brows First

You must be wondering like,"eh?". A lot of us are guilty of relying on eyebrows products to make them appear bigger and fuller. Use a cleanser or a makeup remover to remove any type of eyebrow product from your brows as we shall work on bare brows!

Get A Hold Of Your Tweezers

Even though tweezers are, well, tweezers, choosing a wrong pair can do more damage than good (it's good that we're home, right?).

Test your pair somewhere else first, perhaps to pluck out an ingrown hair, before you start using them. 


Colorbar Flat Tip Tweezer

INR 225 AT Colorbar

Start Tracing Your Brows

Unless your a pro at tweezing and you do not require any sort of (guide)lines use an eyebrow pencil to trace your eyebrow shape. This will allow you to see the way your natural brows grow and you can get a clearer picture of how your brows will look after this beauty-ful experiment.

Then start plucking out the hair that have crossed the line (get it?).


Let's Get To The Painful Part Now

Take a deep breath and start plucking out the hair. Stretch your skin over your brows and keep on plucking. The hair on the lower brow bone are the most painful to pluck out. If you feel any sort of irritation, stop, breathe and repeat. 

Always remember, if you're not confident, stop once you're done with plucking out the stray hair. Do NOT pluck more than one hair at a time (we have plenty of time now that Coronavirus has paani paani-ed all of our social plans), look in the mirror every time you pluck out a strand and see if it looks fine. If you think you've gone way too far. Mission=abort immediately.

What's The Rush, Honey?

Seriously, do not attempt to do this if you're in a rush. You'll just mess up your brows big time. Take your time, pluck out one by one. Doing your brows is an art. Don't believe us, watch this...

We're Here For A Soothing Time

Once you're done, brush off the hair off your face and wipe off the *traces* from your brows. Use a nice soothing gel and massage them. Lacto calamine or aloe vera gel work best to reduce any kind of redness or eruptions you got due to plucking and shaping. Avoid using soap or any harsh cleansers on your face for the next 10-12 hours and you'll be okay.

If you feel any irritation, keep applying aloe vera gel or Lacto Calamine to them for the next 1-2 days.

And that's literally it!

PS: I wish I was this careful in the past while picking men 😏

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