#GetCreative: 9 Beauty Experiments To Try When You’re Homebound

#GetCreative: 9 Beauty Experiments To Try When You’re Homebound

Like that super energic girl shouting “go corona” on the streets, we all just wish this nightmare was over already. Markets, local shops, malls, restaurants- everything has shut down till the 31st of March and the only places we can hang out are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

And honestly, all my *visits* have been really productive as I’ve learned a lot from watching beauty hacks and experiments.

(Seriously I should get an extra degree for all the legit tips and tricks I’ve learned this past 1 week).

Fun Beauty Experiments To Try Today

Raise your hands if you're bored and would love to do some beauty experiments!

*🙋 🙋 🙋*

Yup, thought so. Read along!

Split-Ends? Not Anymore

Beauty experiment? More like a beauty disaster, right? But hear me out. Cutting your own hair is never recommended as it always leads up to uneven hair that you eventually have to get fixed by a hairstylist.

Error 101: Long hair: Not found!

But you can always snip your split ends, right?

What will you need:

- Comb

- Scissors

- Newspaper

Start by spreading out a newspaper so that your hair doesn't go just about everywhere. Comb and part your hair and let's get it started. Take a strand of your hair, twist it 3-4 times and rub your fingers over the twisted hair strand. You'll notice the tiny hair standing out, cut them all. Repeat twice and move on to another strand. Do it every few days and you'll notice your hair getting softer with fewer split-ends.

At Least My Nails Are Sparkling

Since we're spending most of our time at home, working and chilling, time to make custom nail paints for all our BFFs since we miss them so much.

You'll need:

- Clear polish

- Loose glitter fragments

- Funnel

Start by mixing your loose glitter on a plate till you have the desired colour. Take the funnel, put it over the clear polish, add the glitter and shake it till you drop it...💃

Your custom nail polish is ready to be flaunted. Or you can simply mix two or more nail polishes together to create a new, glitter-free shade.

Eg- add a few drops of white nail polish in your red nail paint to create a custom pink shade!

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No Dry Lips Allowed After This Point

Did you know that our lips are three times more sensitive than our skin, therefore they require more TLC? 

You'll need:

- Brown sugar

- Honey

- Lavender essential oil

- An empty jar

Take a tablespoon of honey and add one tablespoon of brown sugar in it. Mix it well and keep adding a pinch after a pinch of sugar until it feels *scrub-by* enough. Add a drop of lavender essential oil and that's it. Apply this mixture and scrub your lips with it whenever they feel dry. Apply a lip balm after to seal in the moisture.

#ProTip: Add some cinnamon in the mixture if you wish to make your lips appear plump and fuller.

Make Your Body Shine Brighter Than Your Future

Who wouldn't want to sparkle all day, literally? Time to make a DIY shimmer lotion and shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya ✨

You'll need:

- Fragrance-free body lotion (make sure it's not full)

- Spare eyeshadow/highlighter/loose powder highlighter/liquid highlighter

- Sunscreen

If you're using a solid product like an eyeshadow or a highlighter, start by crushing the product into a fine powder. Take your body lotion and start adding the mixture to it. Add little by little and keep giving the body lotion a good shake. Add a few pumps of sunscreen ('coz a little more SPF never hurt anybody) & the SPF will help in mixing it better.

Look At My Lips, Tell Me What Do You See

'Coz lip products will never go out of style! Time to create a custom lip tint in a matter of minutes.

You'll need:

- Petroleum jelly

- Lipstick

- An empty jar

- Peppermint essential oil

Cut a tiny bit of lipstick and add a dollop of petroleum jelly in a microwavable container. Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds till the mixture is smooth and runny. Once cooled down, test a swatch of colour on your hands and if you wish to darken it, add another chunk of lipstick or petroleum jelly if you wish to lighten it.

Add the mixture into an empty jar, add two drops of peppermint oil and let it freeze.

#ProTip: Mix and match lipsticks to create your own custom shade!


We bet you'd enjoy mixing it all and creating new things, just like a hardworking scientist! And the best part? These beauty experiments barely cost you any extra money. Loved those?


Here are some more beauty DIY's that can keep you entertained!

Featured Image: Freepik.com