9 Poses Every Bride Needs In Her Wedding Album & For Her Instagram Feed!

9 Poses Every Bride Needs In Her Wedding Album & For Her Instagram Feed!

Every bride has a vision of what her wedding day should look like and how she wants her pictures to be captured. But somewhere in the run-up to your wedding, you tend to forget so many things that you planned for. Take photos, for instance. You might have a lot in mind right now, but there is a high possibility that you simply forget it all when the photographer is actually shooting you. And we all know that these precious moments ain’t coming back. That is why we bring you some of the best poses that you've got to bookmark for your D-day.

9 Stunning Bridal Photos You Must Get Clicked!

If you are not excited by the conventional bridal poses anymore, you’ve clicked on the right post. Right from getting ready to the glam twirl, bookmark these ideas for your wedding day.

1. The Classic Veil Shot

Instagram: Photo Tantra

We believe that the veil is a perfect way to add *chaar chaand* to your bridal beauty. If you’re carrying it, why not use it to create some dramatic portraits on your wedding day.

2. The One With Kaleeras

Instagram: Karan Sidhu Photography

Kaleeras are one of my favourite bridal accessory and brides from all cultures are making them a part of their look. You definitely have to take a picture flaunting them. 

3. The ‘Mehendi’ Pose Is A Must!

Instagram: Romesh Dhomija Productions

You've not sat there for hours, for nothing! In fact, with how elaborate and personalised mehendi designs have become, a beautifully captured image is a must. 

4. The ‘Getting Ready’ Shot

Instagram: Razz Nischal Photography

From applying kajal to giving the final touches to your hair, 'getting ready’ shots are a must for your shaadi album.

5. The Twirling Moment

Instagram: Magic Motion Media

Are you even a bride if you don’t twirl in your wedding lehenga? These shots don’t just look mesmerising, they are perfect to flaunt those heavy lehengas

6. The Sabyasachi Pose

Instagram: Saina Nehwal

Don’t forget to pose like the Sabyasachi models do. It’s so elegant. Plus, you get a full shot of the lehenga!

7. The One With Your Lehenga *Obviously*

Instagram: Dipak Studios Photography

Brides love their lehengas, and why not! It is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Don’t miss out on capturing its beauty. A shot of your outfit before you actually wear it is not to be missed. 

8. Top Angle Shots Are The Best

Instagram: Dipak Studios Photography

Believe it or not, but all you have to do for this one is stand and pose and let the photographer capture a top-angle shot.

9. The Grand Entry

Instagram: CoolBluez Photography

Brides today have their own baraats and ride bikes to the venue, so why not capture it. Discuss your entry with the photographer beforehand so the team is ready for your statement entry.  

Don't forget to share this checklist with your photographer.

Featured Image: Dipak Studios Photography