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Social Distancing Got You Bored? These Viral Wedding Videos Will Put A Smile On Your Face!

Social Distancing Got You Bored? These Viral Wedding Videos Will Put A Smile On Your Face!

Hey girls! I know that many of us are completely bored while working from home and are dying to meet our squad, but social distancing is the need of the hour due to the coronavirus outbreak. And while we should continue to practice self-quarantine, it doesn’t have to be dull and boring, right?

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Well, we all love to watch wedding videos, and doing what I do, I get to see a lot of them every now and then. From emotional speeches by a bride’s parents to a dulhan dancing her way to the mandap, I’m listing some of the wedding videos that went viral and are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

PS: Even if you’ve watched these videos before, now will be a good time to watch them again. I bet they will brighten up your mood. 

1. When The Bride & Groom Rocked The Stage Before Going To The Mandap!

In this video, the groom Suyash danced to Salman Khan’s song Tenu leke me jawanga and welcomed his bride Megha. But what caught everyone’s attention was the bride joining and shaking a leg with the groom before going to the mandap. The internet went crazy with Megha’s swag.

2. When This Bride Danced For Her ‘Saiyyan Superstar’!

I bet you all have seen several dancing brides but this one danced her way to her groom on Saiyyan superstar, and she rocked the web with her kickass moves.

3. The Heartwarming Speech By The Bride’s Mother

Bride Tishya Pradyut Hande’s mother gave a beautiful speech at her daughter’s sangeet ceremony and it went viral as soon as it hit the internet. Tishya shared the video on YouTube  and it was all about Tishya’s childhood memories and the bond she shares with each of her family members. Well, watch the video, if you haven’t already.

4. When The Groom Danced For His Bride, Who Is A Salman Khan Fan!

This groom definitely gave us relationship goals as he performed on a medley of Salman Khan’s songs to surprise his bride. Well, the bride is a huge Salman fan and the smile on her face says it all.

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5. When The Bride Danced With Her Papa & Left A Smile On Our Face!

There’s something special about the relationship between a father and a daughter, right? Recently, bride Aneri Vora danced with her papa bear to Abhi na jao chhod kar and it was the most beautiful thing on the internet. Do NOT miss this one.

6. When The Groom Surprised His Bride On Their Wedding Day!

Grooms are leaving no stone unturned to make their brides feel special, especially on their D-day. And this groom did something similar and the video was soon all over the internet. Nitesh Panjwani made a grand entry on his wedding by dancing on Saajanji ghar aaye and surprised his bride Priya Kashwani.

7. This Video Is BFF Goals!

This is a video about how a chaddi buddy surprised the bride-to-be on her special day by coming all the way from Canada to be by her side. Needless to say, the bride couldn’t stop her tears after she saw her BFF. This video is #friendshipgoals.

8. The Bride With Her Stunning Gidda Moves

Bride Pratishtha Arora took the internet by storm with her dancing skills as she danced on Hauli hauli on her shaadi. Well, I haven’t seen a more chilled out bride ever.

9. When TV Actress Kashmira Irani Set The Stage On Fire!

Actress Kashmira Irani, who is known for playing roles like Amber in Amber Dhara, set the stage on fire along with singer Jankee Parekh and danced on Lambhergini at a wedding. 

10. The One With The Hawa Hawai Bride

Bride Stuti Bhanwala made an unforgettable entry on her big day as she danced to Hawa Hawai. Stuti is such #bridechilla in this video! 

11. You’re Gonna Love This One!

Well, I saved the best one to end my list. These little cuties dancing on Lehenga at their bua’s wedding will surely brighten up your day. 

Feeling better, already?

Featured Image: Instagram

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