Arranged Marriage? Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Surviving That Rishta Meeting!

Arranged Marriage? Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Surviving That Rishta Meeting!

If you’re in the arranged marriage game, I’m pretty sure that many of you have already been through multiple rishta meetings and the rest of you will soon be going through this. It’s very difficult to stop the parents when they go on a mission to find the perfect dulha for you. Well, I know it's weird when our parents suddenly go from ‘don’t talk to strangers’ to ‘marry a stranger’, but we have no option but to survive the awkwardness. 

So, if you have a meeting scheduled with a guy anytime soon, here’s the ultimate guide to surviving rishta meetings like a boss.

What To Expect At Your First Rishta Meeting?


Rishta meetings can be very intimidating but if you have an idea of what to expect, things might get a lot smoother. Here’s a helpful guide to get your stress levels down.

1. Get ready for some awkward questions!

The guy might shift from asking generic questions like ‘what are your hobbies’ and ‘what do you do on weekends’ to ‘do you want to have babies’. Just because we are telling you to be prepared doesn’t mean we’re asking you to answer these questions. In fact, if he gets so random and personal so soon, it's your cue to get up and leave.

2. Outfit issues


You may have spent two hours getting dressed for the meeting and might expect the same from him. But don’t get worked up if he shows up in a rather casual outfit like a tee and shorts. Don’t judge him yet! There’s more to him and you should give him that. 

3. Nervousness

You might have had butterflies in your stomach before this meeting, but for all you know, he might be more nervous than you. Yep, you are both in the same boat after all. 

4. There might be an instant connection

Believe it or not, it may seem like a match made in heaven but don’t commit anything just because you both bonded over food and share the same hobbies. A marriage is much more than that.

5. He might reject you


Whatever his reasons may be, always remember that it’s OKAY. Maybe he didn’t find the connection or he might not be ready for marriage yet. Do not blame yourself for anything and move on.

5 Questions You Can Ask Him To Break The Ice!

Awkward silence in the air? Well, we are here to help you with some ice-breaker questions that can take the pressure off and lead to a smooth conversation. 

1. Ask him about his work life

This is something that is definitely not too personal, and it’s okay to bring up such a question when you do not have anything else to ask. Even if it isn’t all fun, it’s okay to ask questions about what kind of hours he works or how satisfied he is with his career. Don’t push him to answer though.

2. Ask him about his past and future travels

Everyone has interesting travel anecdotes to share and this is one topic that can actually go on for hours! Ask him when was the last time he took a holiday, his favourite destinations around the world and that one country he really wants to visit. 

3. What are the shows he is currently binge watching?


This is one conversation that has the potential to never end. With Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can discuss a lot of shows that both of you have watched. 

4. What are his weekend hobbies?

Ask him what he likes to do during his free time during the weekends. But don't always expect a great answer. Some people just don’t have interesting hobbies, and that’s okay. 

5. Favourite food?


People can bond over food like nothing else! In fact, if things go well, you can already start planning your next date at a restaurant you both love. 

No matter how good you are at small talk, rishta meetings can throw you back a little. We hope this survival guide is helpful! 

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