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Shaadi Three Months Away? 10 Things Girls With Flawless Skin Never Do & Neither Should You

Shaadi Three Months Away? 10 Things Girls With Flawless Skin Never Do & Neither Should You
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If your wedding is almost three months away, we're pretty sure the excitement and stress levels are both equally high. There's still shopping to be done, a final guest list to be curated as the wedding date keeps coming closer and closer. Well, to add to all that's going on, it's essential that you look after your skin because highlighter and foundation can only take you so far. 

Now, healthy and flawless skin has a lot that goes into it and is actually a combination of many factors- you've to eat right, you've to sleep well, you've to hydrate, you've to drink enough water, you've to give it loads of tender love and care and that's how the bridal glow will come from within. 

Well, Don't Stress Out Cause Here Are 10 Things No Girl With Beautiful Skin Does And Neither Should You:

Yeah, all those packets of chips that you stress binge on at night need to go nowww.

Don't Skip The Daily Fitness Regime

Being active is not only related to being fit but also has a vital role to play when it comes to your skin. Women who lead an active life have fewer breakouts, fewer wrinkles and also glow from within. It increases the blood flow to the skin and naturally expels toxins. It also increases oxygen flow to your skin and increases collagen production which leads to improved skin elasticity and smoothened out of fine lines.

Never, Ever Go To Sleep With Makeup On

Yes, you're lazy sometimes, yes, walking to the bathroom may feel like a task sometimes but getting off all your makeup and keeping the skin squeaky clean is essential. Not removing makeup can be that one thing that's making your skin look dull. Also remember, that some dead skin cells need to shed every day, keeping makeup on can lead these to stick to your skin making it appear lifeless and tired.

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Don't Chug Water At One Go

Drinking water is another essential component for looking healthy and feeling great from within. We all know that our body is made up of 70% water so feeding it that is necessary. However, what some of us do is that we chug water at once when we're thirsty or when we're in the gym. Chances are that if we're drinking only when we're thirsty, we're already dehydrated. Hydration- inside and out is the key to radiant skin. Eight glasses of water is the minimum that you should be drinking so stay hydrated, gorgeous!

Never Skip Sunscreen

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Yes, sunscreen saves our skin from a whole lot of things but when it's just three months to your wedding it becomes even more important. When you're going out to shop, fix things with vendors or just go to see if things are going as planned- SPF is your best friend. You should aim for SPF 30 if you're staying indoors and 50 if you're going out and about. Remember, don't skip the neck, decolletage, arms and any exposed skin. 

Never Sleep On A Dirty Pillow

Another thing that's important to note is that sleeping on a clean pillow is important to get radiant skin. Pillows collect gunk and oil from the skin and also fester germs- changing the pillowcase every few days is necessary especially since you don't want to take any chances just before the wedding.

Don't Binge On Junk Food

The lead up to the wedding is a stressful time and it's but natural to let yourself indulge in some junk food and sugar-load up. However, it's not only unhealthy for your body, but it's also unhealthy for your skin. Sugar, candy, white bread, pasta may feel good for a bit but you will start noticing a loss of radiance, noticeable lines, and skin that doesn't look supple. Overdoing it with carbs and dairy has also been linked to acne. Eating a balanced diet is the key, especially right before the wedding.

Don't Keep Touching Their Faces

Everything from our hands to our phones and our sunglasses harbour loads of bacteria that then cling on to our face. Cleaning your hands regularly, wiping surfaces with alcohol swabs and disinfecting everything regularly is essential. Also, stop constantly touching your face because you want to limit acne-causing agents.

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Use Loads Of TLC When Removing Eye Makeup

The under-eye area is extremely sensitive and is also the thinnest and most delicate skin of your face. So don't tug too roughly while removing your eye make because your skin can stretch out and fine lines can become more visible. Use light, downward motions to wipe off your eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. Make sure your eye makeup remover also contains Vitamin B5 and E.

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Mask It Up

There are many basic skincare regimes that we all know about but refuse to follow. Well, putting on a mask and letting yourself destress is key to remain calm and also let your skin relax during this stressful time. If your skin is feeling lifeless and dull use a brightening face mask or you can use a charcoal one to unclog your pores. 

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Don't Skip The Supplements

Beauty vitamins can help a whole lot three months into the wedding for shinier hair and glowing skin. However, we recommend not to start on these on your own and consult a doctor. Going to a dermatologist can help you understand your skin better and what it needs. 

So, ready to look healthy, happy and radiant? Slay mama slay!

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