10 Modern Dating Terms That You Should Be Familiar With In 2020

10 Modern Dating Terms That You Should Be Familiar With In 2020

Just when you think that you might have figured out dating, something happens and you’re back to square one! In fact, it’s not just the experiences, even the millennial dating terms have left a lot of us blank. Don’t know about you, but I definitely had a lot of catching up to do. So, to make sure I wasn’t lagging behind, I spent some time brushing up my vocab. 

My friend recently joined Bumble and told me the following dating terms that I had absolutely had no idea about. How many of these do you know?


Benching is when a person just leads you on. Basically, you get all the promises but nothing more. This person tells you everything that you want to hear but it ends there and you’re left hanging in the middle. Jesus!



Now, this was the only term in this entire list that I was aware of. Ghosting means ending things in an abrupt way. Basically, vanishing from someone’s life like a ghost. Hence, the term. Well, I really hope that doesn’t happen to anyone.


Remember Casper? The friendly ghost? He is the inspiration behind this term. Caspering is when someone ‘ghosts’ you, but in a friendly way. Simply put, this is when someone tells you that they will make a plan to catch-up, but that never really happens. 



Apparently, this is a new slang in the market. Being catfished is when someone lures you into a relationship by claiming to be someone they are not. Well, verification is extremely important in the online dating world. You don’t want to waste your time with an imposter, right?

On that note, Bumble has a profile verification feature that verifies your profile and makes sure you are who you claim to be. This simply makes it safer, especially for women, as sometimes, we are a bit hesitant to talk to strangers. You can also talk to people using just your first initial so that you can be who you claim to be but in a more discreet way. To make sure that you’re never ever catfished, download Bumble now!


This is one of the strangest terms I have heard but it actually happened to my best friend. Orbiting is when someone refuses to have a conversation with you, leaves you on ‘read’ but continues commenting on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Weird, right?



Scrooging is when you decide to stop talking to someone right before the holiday/festive season to avoid buying them a gift. I mean, who needs a gift! Just respond and be normal. 

Love Bombing

Too much too soon? Well, that’s exactly what it means. Love Bombing is when someone expresses everything they feel (mostly good) to you. Sometimes, you’re not ready to be love bombed, you know?



Strangest and the most relatable thing I have ever heard. Confused? Cuffing is when someone wants to be with you just because they need a cuddle buddy during the winter season. So, they basically talk to you, meet you and then finally dump you when the ‘cuddle season’ is over.


Full form: Define The Relationship. DTR is when someone wants you to define what is going on between the two of you.


De Berging

I guess my best friend would totally associate this term with me. This is because I often frame messages on her behalf. In fact, I have written almost all of her break-up messages because she didn’t want to do it herself. This is exactly what De Berging means. When someone talks (especially over texts) on your behalf, they are De Berging your date.

Now you’re armed with the latest dating lingo, you’re ready to launch into the dating game. Time to download Bumble and make the first move. Go for it!

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