Let Your Boobs Live Their Best Life! Team POPxo Shares Their Go-To Bra Brands

Let Your Boobs Live Their Best Life! Team POPxo Shares Their Go-To Bra Brands

Unhooking your bra after reaching home after a long tiring day feels so good. Isn't this the best feeling in the world? While I am sure anyone of you would hardly disagree with this, there's also no denying that fact that bras are a woman's constant companion- on jogs, meetings, dates, and what not! Therefore, it is more than essential that you find the right kind of bra that makes you feel confident and comfortable. But let's face it--shopping for a quality bra can be more effort than it should be. And with so many brands available, bra-shopping experience can also get intimidating. So what would you do? How about some advice from those who swear by certain brands that fit their every need--from comfort, support to fit and style.

Team POPxo has compiled a list of ten bra brands that we love and you can also shop these for your own lingerie drawer.

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"Non-Wired Microfoam Bras From H&M"

If I had a choice, I would go bra-free. But sadly, we live in a patriarchal society where men would rather have women suffocate their breasts than deal with the possibility of seeing the outline of our nipples. Either way, I like the non-padded, non-wired microfoam bras from H&M. They take the shape of my body and I don’t feel like I am being poked by underwires all the time. This is the only type of bra that has made me hate wearing bras a little less.

-Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor


Soft Lace Bra

INR 1,299 AT H&M

"Cotton Bras From Marks & Spencer"

I studied in a girls' boarding school so fancy bras were all the little pleasures we could get in life. I would wear really lacy and stringy ones from LaSenza, which were super expensive as well as really uncomfortable. Now, it’s all about comfort for me so I swear lingerie by M&S (Marks & Spencer) because their cotton bras are so soft. The light padding and full coverage allow my breasts to be in place throughout the day.

-Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer


Underwired Lightly Padded T-shirt Bra

INR 1,499 AT M&S

"Jockey Bras Comfortable AF"

I always opt for a well-fitted and supportive bra as comfort is my top priority. While I am quite happy with the quality and selection of the bras La Senza has and own several of them, my go-to brand is Jockey. Not only are Jockey bras comfortable AF, they are moderately priced too. 

- Neha Kapoor, Senior Writer


Jockey Full Coverage Bra

INR 799 AT Jockey

"La Senza For Their Cute Packaging"

I am a sucker for lacy lingerie. Every time I go to the mall, I want to stop by at the La Senza store to check out their new collection. Sometimes, pick up a few things that I don’t really need. Their bras fit me really well and I love their super cute pink packaging.

-Krithika Kumar, Junior Editor


La Senza Diva

INR 1,368 AT La Senza

"Hunkemöller For Perfect Fit & Flattering Designs"

I was a fan of La Senza until I explored the lingerie by Hunkemöller. Definitely more comfortable and durable, these bras have lightly lined cups that are shaped in order to avoid gaps in the fit. And unlike other lace bras that compromise on fit, the ones by Hunkemöller have a layer of mesh around the cups for lasting support. Therefore, if I were to suggest a brand that you should go for if you like fit and flattering designs, then Hunkemöller it is. 

- Naina Sharma, Senior Writer


Black Under Wired Padded Demi Cup Bra

INR 1,648 AT Hunkemöller

"Zivame For Comfort & Style"

For me, comfort comes first and is primarily the only factor that I keep in mind while choosing the bra that I'd wear. Initially, I used to opt for Jockey, but overtime, I've realised that Zivame offers the same amount of comfort in a better range of designs and hence, I've switched to Zivame and I suggest you do too. 

- Kadambini Arora, Social Media Coordinator


Rosaline Essentials Double Layered Coverage Bra

INR 247 AT Zivame

"Lovable To Keep Your Boobs Firm"

Trust me when I say that the wire-free bras by Lovable are one of the most comfortable ones to be existing on the face of planet earth. Perfect for jogs and day-long activities, these keep my breasts firm and steady all day. 

- Vasudha Tingal, Social Media Manager


Double Layered Wire-Free Bra

INR 565 AT Lovable

"PrettySecrets For The Feeling That You're Not Wearing A Bra"

PrettySecrets is one of the only few brands of lingerie I've worn since I could fit into a bra. I love how comfortable their bras are and I've worn a plunge bra for 24 hours straight without even realising I was wearing a bra!

- Nidhi Kavle, Assistant Editor


Plunge Lightly Padded Bra

INR 764 AT PrettySecrets

"Wacoal For Quality Material"

The first time I heard of this brand was during my trip to Kyoto in Japan. In fact, I bought my first Wacoal bra from one of the stores there and haven’t switched to any other brand ever since. I love their bras because they fit so well and the material used to make them are of top quality. Simple and aesthetic on the design front, I love that Wacoal’s first priority is comfort. They’re a bit pricey though, but aren’t bras considered to be one type of investment, anyway? P.S. Wacoal is now available pan India too!

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer


Non Padded Everyday Bra

INR 3,495 AT Wacoal

"Strapless Bras From Enamor Offer A Great Fit"

I usually wear a strapless bra because bra straps are always digging onto your shoulders. And my go-to brand is Enamor. Not many strapless bras offer the perfect fit, but the ones from Enamor are great. The best part is you don't have to miss on wearing cute tube tops and dresses. Go for it without thinking twice.

- Ekta Alreja, Deputy Editor


Strapless T-Shirt Full Support Bra

INR 1,399 AT Enamor

Woaah! This is some list! Well, we did not want to miss out any good brand. After all, buying the right bra is a gamble that we definitely want you to win in. Go for it guys, bookmark this edit and let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below. 

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