What's In Our Bags? I Got Team POPxo To Pull Out Some Really Weird Stuff They Carry Around

What's In Our Bags? I Got Team POPxo To Pull Out Some Really Weird Stuff They Carry Around

It is said that a person’s playlist reveals a lot about who they are as a person. Correct?

*hits buzzer* 

Ehhhh, wrong!

I say that it is a person’s bag that can reveal a lot about them as it’s full of magical secrets we can only imagine.

No, I’m not saying that we should look into each other’s bag (‘coz that would be totally inappropriate!) but how about we ask them to show us the weirdest item they carry?! That ought to be super fun, right?

And that’s exactly what I did today! I went around and asked seven people at POPxo to open their bag of treasures and pull out the weirdest thing they have in there! And honestly, I am shook-eth to the ground!

Let’s find out the crazy things they carry in their bag, shall we?

Team POPxo Reveals The Weirdest Things They Carry In Their Bag

Let's just say that I have a LOT of questions! 

Aayushi Pareek | A Wooden Spoon

As weird it may sound, I always carry a wooden spoon in my bag...for my eye makeup! Yes, you read it right, no need to reread it.

Placing a wooden spoon near my eye saves so much time while doing makeup. How? All I do is put the spoon near my eye and just swipe my makeup brush that's packed with eyeshadow, over my eyelid real quick. This hack not only ensures that the makeup doesn't get anywhere else but also helps me doing a perfect cut crease!

And a wooden spoon... 'coz it is biodegradable!

Manasvi Jaitly | A Unicorn

"I pretty much carry my life in my bag! It gets heavier by the day and somehow I need every little thing in there. One of them being a toy unicorn! It was given to me by my baby nieces as an act of 'learning to give away'. The unicorn was one of their most loved toys and I always carry it with me as a sign of good luck."

Ekta Alreja | Chili Garlic Sauce

"Me eating my food without making it extra spicy is as impossible as any girl getting her cat-eye perfect the first time-impossible! I always carry a jar of chilli sauce to make my food extra spicy and I think you should too!"

Abhilasha Tyagi | A Random Playing Card

"I got this playing card as a key card at a hotel once because they had lost their original. The person at the reception was new and so baffled that he forgot to give me a spare, which they happen to keep for emergencies, giving me this instead and seeing his panic-induced state, I simply took it to avoid further chaos. It's has been a while but it turned out to be a fun day (apart from the receptionist's fright) and somehow it has just stayed in my bag."

Neha Kapoor | Bottle Opener

"I have been carrying this bottle opener in my bag for a while now. The thing is that my plans (with friends or anyone) are really random and alway last minute. So, I thought that a bottle opener will come in handy if there’s a quick car-o-bar plan ahead. LOL!"

Kanupriya Verma | A Candle

"Among various not-so-random things in my bag, you'll always find a candle in my bag. It always helps me relax and whenever I'm feeling stressed, I light it up instantly!"

Priyanka Nath | An Old Nokia Phone

"While I've updated to an iPhone many years ago, I always carry my old Nokia phone as it has all the songs that I've downloaded over the years and I cannot let it go...just not yet!"

So, were we weird enough for you? Are you judging us? Don't we sound like the coolest colleagues ever? 


Featured Image: POPxo