Condoms For Protection Against Coronavirus: Singapore's Bizarre Yet Genius Way To Be Safe

Condoms For Protection Against Coronavirus: Singapore's Bizarre Yet Genius Way To Be Safe

Amid the news of Coronavirus outbreak in other parts of the world, stores and pharmacies in Singapore are running out of condoms. It's more serious and, TBH, genius than it sounds. Because of a shortage of masks in the country and the fact that not everyone can afford quality medical help, people in Singapore have started using the contraceptive method to protect themselves from Coronavirus when out in public. As a result, a shortage of condoms has been reported at several local stores in the country.

According to the pictures circulating on Twitter, people can be seen using condoms as finger gloves while using elevators to press floor buttons. Check it out:

The actual business can wait.

On February 7, Singapore declared orange alert in the country on the grounds of Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON). Though 99 per cent of the reported infections have occurred in Mainland China, every country is taking precautions of coronavirus given the rapid advance of the virus (COVID-19). Singaporean's way to protect themselves sure is unique. And what better than International Condom Day (February 13) to educate the world on other uses and importance of condoms, eh!

Condoms are an excellent form of protection. They protect you against both sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. And now, viruses too! A good quality condom is made of durable materials that don't let anything from the outside get in and from the inside get out. More reasons to stock-up on condoms. Apart from that and masks, hand sanitizers, tissues and non-perishable food items are some of the things that Singapore is hoarding on.


Featured Image: Shutterstock

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