Still Faking An Orgasm? 7 Sex Resolutions To Make & Stick To In 2020!

Still Faking An Orgasm? 7 Sex Resolutions To Make & Stick To In 2020!

Let’s go by what studies say. As per research, 95% heterosexual men orgasm during sex, while only 65% of women can say the same. Here’s when life just doesn’t seem fair, right? Well, while we can’t change stats, we can help you with some sex resolutions that you should make as they might end up working like magic for your moments of intimacy with him. So, if you want to make the time between the sheets more exciting and fun, read on!

7 Sex Resolutions That Every Girl Should Make!

You want to enjoy it too, don’t you?

I will NOT fake orgasms

Because that’s just misleading. If you’re faking it to end having sex at that moment, just say no. If it is to boost the man’s ego, remember that sex can be just as satisfying even without an orgasm. Besides, there are other ways he can help you climax. So be honest about it. It’s beneficial for both you and him. 

I will tell him what I like and how I like it

Being clear about all the things you like in bed is a great way to make it easy and fun for both of you. Don’t be shy and speak up. Not only will he be sure that what he’s doing is right, but you will also end up having a great time. Being confident in bed and dirty talking is a huge turn on too! 

I will give foreplay the importance it deserves

If you spend too little time on foreplay, you’re missing out girl! It’s not so much about the destination than the journey - you get what we mean? A good foreplay sesh makes sex even better and the build-up to the final act can help you climax like never before! Give this sex resolution a shot, girls. 

I will make time for solo pleasure

You do need some me-time when it comes to sex too! And by that, we mean that you must go ahead and give yourself all the pleasure you want. Not only that, it helps you discover your body better and is a great way to self-indulge. And if you’re going through a dry spell, by all means, go ahead and take care of it yourself!

I will ALWAYS use contraception

You don’t want to have an unwelcome pregnancy or any sort of STIs or STDs, right? It’s always best to use a condom. Better to be safe than sorry - it’s as simple and straightforward as that. 

I will not feel ashamed of my body, come what may

Hell, no! You’re beautiful the way you are. So, there is no need to feel shy or conscious of your body when you get naked in front of him. Flaunt that hot bod and go ahead and have a good time, without any inhibitions!

I will make sure I discover a new erogenous zone every now and then

Be it with the help of your partner or through masturbation, make it a point to discover a bit more about your body every now and then. There can be multiple erogenous zones in the female body, so dig a bit deeper and find ‘em all! You'll be surprised to find a sensitive spot that you had no idea about!

We know that sticking to resolutions is hard but sex resolutions should come easy, right?!