Band, Baaja, Baraat: Questions To Ask Before Finalising Your Dream Wedding Venue

Band, Baaja, Baraat: Questions To Ask Before Finalising Your Dream Wedding Venue

If he's just popped the question or your rishta has just been finalised, we know that the excitement levels are through the roof. So bride-to-be, as your helpful besties, we at POPxo have figured out the ultimate checklist and points to note down before selecting your dream wedding venue. 

Ideally, as soon as your dates are set, you should start thinking about the venue because bookings take time. Six to eight months before the D-day is a great bracket to give yourself to book the place so that decoration, theme, entertainment, lodging etc can be decided around it. 

Just a heads up- your venue will decide a lot for the kind of wedding you're going to have so no pressure but this is kinda a huge decision!

How many guests can the venue accommodate in both a floating and sitting setting?

Deciding which venue you want for which function is important because for an event like a sangeet you need to look at sitting capacity. This is because most people come on-time and like to sit and enjoy the performances. As for the wedding or reception, a floating capacity works too because people can come in at different times to meet and greet the couple. They may or may not stick around later. 

Do you have an indoor or outdoor wedding venue preference?

If you have a type of ceremony in mind, then selecting a venue in-keeping with that is extremely important. If you want a day wedding in the sun then there should be ample outdoor space at the venue. If you want an indoor sangeet, you need to check how big the banquet is, will it accommodate your guests and the stage? Does it also have a patio attached? 

Does your wedding venue match the theme for your wedding?

This becomes crucial if you want to do a destination wedding because all the functions will be at the same resort. If you want a beach wedding then the venue becomes extremely essential. A Goa wedding without a private beach just won't have the same vibe. Similarly, if a royal theme is what screams out to you then a palatial hotel in Rajasthan might be more your thing. 

How many other events does the venue have lined up in the same day?

In case the wedding venue has more than one hall or garden, the place may not be exclusively booked for you. They might be hosting other events as well in which case you'll have to judge how big the event is and if there'll be enough parking for both the parties. Too many events can also sometimes hamper smooth execution. 

Are fire ceremonies allowed inside the venue?

If you're having a traditional Hindu ceremony, do get clarity on whether or not you're allowed to create a fire pit indoors. If not, you may have to shift the rituals elsewhere. This is especially important if you're getting married at an exotic location abroad.

What is the difference of cost when you're talking about weekends and weekdays?

This is just in case you're not too set on your dates and are ready to tweak them around a little to keep it within your budget. Most venues do have separate packages for the weekend and weekdays so that may help you save some money.

Does the venue have rooms to stay as well?

This is great information to keep handy because you need to know how many people can be accommodated to stay the night. Even if you don't want to book any rooms, a couple for the bridal party to get ready and wait in are necessary.

Are there any hidden costs that will add to the expensive?

Many times venues add hidden costs like 'corkage' to the costing. This is when the place charges extra money for bringing alcohol from outside. It's better to get an estimate of the hidden costs in your first visit so that you can cross them out or keep them on the list.

What are the list of vendors the venue suggests and if you can bring in your own?

Most wedding venues have a list of registered wedding vendors and they do not allow you to hire anyone outside of that list. Check on what their vendor list looks like and if you can get your own people. You may not like the vendors they suggest or maybe they don't fit your budget. It's very important that the management of the venue is flexible like that. 

Can the booze be brought from outside?

You can save big by bringing your own booze to the wedding. The venue may have inflated prices as compared to buying from a local store outside. Get clarity on this and also check their liquor license. 

Are there any noise restrictions?

Can your DJ or singer play the music all night long and what is the cut-off limit for noise- it's always great to know this beforehand. Some venues even suggest that you shift the party indoors after 10:30 pm.

What is the cancellation policy?

You have to factor in a whole lot of what-ifs. So it's better to know the cancellation terms. What's the time limit for cancellation, how much of your money will be refunded, etc. 

How soon will you have to make the down payment?

You will have to pay a booking amount as well as some part of the advance, asking them how soon they need it will give you a timeline on how soon you have to take the final decision. You should also ask them how much percentage of the total amount will you have to pay. 

So, let's begin the venue hunting then?!

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