Relatives Ke Taane & Mom's Emotional Atyachaar - Team POPxo On Being 25+ & Unmarried!

Relatives Ke Taane & Mom's Emotional Atyachaar - Team POPxo On Being 25+ & Unmarried!

Twenty-five seems to be a magical number among desi aunties and uncles. For some weird reason, the moment you cross that age, everyone wants you to do just one thing - get MARRIED! No, they don't care about your career goals or the fact you want to live in with your cat for the rest of your life. They just want you to seal the deal with a good boy from a good family. And guys, oldies cab be pretty vocal about it. They'll rub it in your face and tell you that your life won't be complete if you don't get married! Don't believe me? Team POPxo has proof.

WTF Things You Hear When You Are 25+ & Unmarried

Stop whatever you're doing and watch this video! At the end of it, I'm sure you're going to say, "me too!"

Kashika Saxena, Head of Content

"Beta, now is the right age to find a good guy and settle down. Otherwise, you will only find divorcees and widowers, because all the people in your age will already be married"


Upalina Gupta, Fashion Producer

"How much 'get to know' you want to do? Already one year has gone by. Either you get engaged or the 6 months of courtship, get to know one another there." 

Trishala Kaushik, Assistant Director

"Beta, start looking now only and you will find someone in a few years from now. I mean, getting to know someone takes time too, right?"

Anukriti Khare, Senior Writer

"You don't want to get married? You're not becoming some kind of feminist, right?" and "Don't do all this dating stuff - this is all wrong. Just ask your parents to find you a 'good' boy!"

Shreya, Post Producer

"For so many years some people are married, they're all silly, right? Only you are smart, no?" and "Beta, when I was your age, I already had 2 kids! When will you get married already?"

Ritika Sharma

"Yes, yes, madam doesn't feel like getting married now. When she makes up her mind, there will be a line of men to ask for her hand" (Anyone smells sarcasm here?)

Remember, whether you choose to get married at 25 or 65, it's up to you. Don't let someone else's opinions influence you. Just take it in from one ear and out the other!