POPxo Moms Tell You Their Idea Of Self-Care in 2020 & It's Not Masking Or Mani-Pedis

POPxo Moms Tell You Their Idea Of Self-Care in 2020 & It's Not Masking Or Mani-Pedis

For many, self-care is doing something you love, something that replenishes your energy and makes you feel good. You may think that self-care is some kind of new-age, feel-good buzz word. TBH, I dread the word-self-care. And I have BIG FEELINGS when it comes to self-care. It does not mean manis and pedis for me, or face masking, or chilling with chamomile chai--as a mother, my self-care tools are a LOT different than when I was younger. Just like me, mommies at POPxo are looking at self-care in their own unique way.

Here's what their self-care in 2020 looks like:

1. Disconnect with people who judge you. "Were you partying last night? Shouldn't you stay with your kid?" if you've heard this from the relative who keeps stalking you on Facebook or Instagram, block that person RN! Just alienate yourself from anyone that disagrees with you even remotely.

2. When you're stressed, DON'T tell yourself 'chamomile is the answer'. Tea is never the answer, address the issue head-on.

3. Make a to-do list? Sure! But, write chores you've already done in your planner just so you can cross it out and feel accomplished.

4. Chocolate helps! Trust me, take a fistful of chocolate and shove it into your mouth. Ah! What a great feeling. Self-care is different for all of us. Some do yoga, but it's okay if you want to binge on candy.

5. Singing loudly alone is my idea of self-care. Fact check: Singing out loud can get a whole range of muscles working and improve circulation.


6. Be there for your kid when he or she needs you, sure. But, also take out time to catch up on your cocktails or go for night out with your gang of girls. That's what POPxo mum, Neha Kapoor does. "As a working mum, the necessity to unwind becomes really important. So I make sure that I make myself a nice cocktail on the weekend or go out to chill with my friends and not just family," says Neha.


7. Moms often get sucked into the "get-stuff-done-before-the-kids-wake-up" mentality. Slow down, ignore that laundry basket and take a long nap. Yes, do that 36-hour nap marathon you've been planning in your head. After all,the bedroom is for three S's: sickness, sex and SLEEP. POPxo mom, Shuchi Chugh believes in it. "Chores can wait, sleep can't. 'Coz self-care is first love."


8. Cancel the plans you made. 

Self-care level: Expert!

BRB ladies, just feel like shaking my leg on Havana, ooh na-na, I'll finish writing this later!

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